What time to book table for shows/fireworks

Hi. First post of many I’m sure! It’s my ADR day today. We have a rough plan to eat at Hollywood and Vine one night and then watch Fantasmic plus Narcosee and Tokyo on other nights for the fireworks and tuskers for rivers of light.

My question is - do all of these run every night? I can’t find the schedule for these shows and fireworks far enough in the future for my stay. Can I be confident that they run every day In April 2019 and can anyone tell me more or less categorically the time and then best time for dinner? I read different times according to different sources and it’s left me unsure as to when to book dinner. Disney site doesn’t quite go that far schedule wise. Thanks in advance

Have you tried looking at the days and times for April 2017? This may offer you some guidance. Welcome to the forum.

The April hours with showtimes are posted here.

image https://i2.wp.com/www.kennythepirate.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Disney-World-Crowd-Calendar-April-2018.jpg?w=672&ssl=1

Scroll down to the detailed calendar under your actual dates. In general though, the shows run every night. Make sure you book the restaurant through the package link for Fantasmic and ROL, times will be limited to ones that work with the showtime.
The link isn’t working, so go to wew.kennythepirate.com and choose crowd calendars, then April.