What time to book California Grill?

Is it best to try and book a table so we’re eating during fireworks at CG or is it better to watch from the viewing platform? Is the viewing platform on the same level as the restaurant?
Closing hours appear to be changing as I’m getting updates every day from Touring Plans. However, I don’t think I’ll get the info for the date I’m planning to book in time before my ADR slot opens tomorrow. At the moment it states 10pm closing but the week before has been changing to 9pm. Fireworks are usually an hour before closing time right?
I need to decide whether to book an early table around, say 7.30pm.

Touring plans should have fireworks times for the fireworks. Although closing times might change, fireworks are generally set. What date are you looking for?

We’re looking at 17th August.

You can book anytime and return to the restaurant for viewing if you wish. Just keep your receipt and show it at the check-in stand for the restaurant about 15-30 mins prior to showtime.

Otherwise book anytime around the show time; they pause dinner service for those who want to go out to the platform to view it. Nothing will be brought to your table while you’re away from it and service will continue as normal after the show ends. They are quite good at managing it and the wait staff will even encourage you. They pipe in the musics to inside the restaurant and to the platform. If you’re lucky perhaps you would get a table near the window so you would not even have to get up!

Fireworks time will likely remain the same even if hours change.

For a 9pm fireworks show, 7:30 would be the earliest I would want a table but I don’t mind getting up during dinner to go view it. 7:30 would have you about to have dessert at showtime which might be perfect. I personally would aim for 8:15-8:45, then you’d be settling in with a cocktail or glass of wine and placing your dinner order just before the show.

Good luck! And enjoy!

From our 2 visits, I think about 90 minutes before fireworks is good. In your case, I might even go 2 hours before to have dessert and have the bill paid before watching fireworks. That way, we could leave right after the fireworks.

We like a 7 to 7:30 reservation. The first time we had a 7 PM reservation. We weren’t sure how long dinner was going to take. So we ordered one course at a time, keeping the menu with us. That also helped us gauge how much food to order. We ordered dessert 10 minutes before the 9 PM fireworks. We went out to the balcony to watch. When we sat down again, the waitress bought us our dessert.

The second time, we had a 5:10 reservation. This time, we ordered drinks first. Then, we ordered appetizer and dinner together. We ordered dessert last. We were paying our check at 7:10.

It is so hard to figure out the timing. In August I arrived at 7:30 (I saw another liner and their family arrive at the same time). Both tables were done with drinks, apps, entrees and dessert by the 9:00 fireworks. We had time to pay our bill too.

Thanks everyone. I’ve been able to book today, gone for 7.15pm. Just one more question on using 2 credits for this dinner - am I right in thinking the DDP covers main course and dessert plus one drink? Anything else like starters we can opt to just pay for with my magic band at the end?

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Yes, appetizers are extra that they will give you a bill for .