What time to be there for RD?

Plans are set (for now) now I just need to figure out what time we actually need to leave the hotel to make Rope Drop/be at a “decent spot” for our opening rides. We are busing form Contemporary to AK and HS, walking to MK and Mono to EP. Week of 7/9.

Here are the parks/RD time/RD ride planned/leave hotel

Wed - MK/9am/WtP/8:10am (don’t make fun, the rollercoaster crew has plenty of time on the coasters during this trip!)
Thur - EP/8am/FEA/6:45am
Sat - AK/8am/Na’vi/6:45am
Sun - HS/8am/TSM/6:30am
Mon - MK/9am/BTMR/8:00am
Tue - HS/9am/TSM/7:30am

Let me know if I’m off, need to leave earlier or if later is ok.

You do realize that for MK RD at 9:00, they actually start letting everyone onto Main Street at 8:00? That lets you wander along, getting photos, going in shops, etc. until the 8:55 opening show at the castle. The actual ropes they drop are at the paths from the hub to each land. The later you arrive, yet still before 9:00, the further back you will be at the group waiting at the rope to go to WtP and other Fantasyland rides.

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Do the monorails through Contemporary to TTC and then the one to EPCOT run that early?

If Navi is your goal for AK, I don’t think you need to be at the head of the pack. Most people are trying to RD FOP. You’ll be strolling over to Navi.


I’m too tired to do the math on your leave hotel vs opening times, but i think all of your RD attractions should be easy to get on. If you plan to arrive at the parks by 30 minutes before opening, i think you’ll be okay. MK, coming from contemporary, probably walk out the doors at 30 minutes before park open.

Everyone else tell me why I’m wrong.

Yep, totally realize that about MK. Question still stands. Is 8:10 ok for WtP to be able to get on with little to no wait? Since it is not really one of the typical rope drop rides.

Good point on the mono’s that early. I’ll check on that. We’ll bus it if need be.

I think with the exception of FEA and maybe BTM you could probably just get there 30 minutes prior to park open. No need to “walk with purpose” and fight the crowd. Hang back and avoid the madness. :slight_smile: We RD’d NRJ last October. Think we made it to the queue around 8:50 for a 9:00 open and walked right on

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I’d check the schedule. The monorail from TTC to EP didnt start until 7:30 on our trip and it was so stressful making it to GG by 8.

You’re not RDing anything crazy. HS is a bit nuts but 8:15 is probably fine. For everything but HS, I didn’t RD anything crazy and arrived about 30 minutes before and was fine. I don’t think you need to be there an hour before for anything. Very few people RD WtP.

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Yes, I think as long as you’re up at the front of the hub at RD (and not just walking into the park), you’ll have no problem walking onto WtP. Most people are headed to SDMT, PPF, and Space on that side of the park, so you’ll have your pick of everything else.

The resort monorail absolutely does. It is how early breakfast people get from TTC to MK and other resort breakfast locations.

I can’t remember if I saw the EP line that early or not.