What time to arrive to CRT ADR

I have a 5:25 dinner ADR at CRT. I know they do photos before so what time should I arrive?

When we have been there, they wouldn’t let us in until 10-15 minutes before our time slot. So getting there at 5:10pm should be fine, I would think.

When I’ve eaten there they don’t let me check in early at all, not even 10-15 minutes like other places tend to do. So, I don’t think you need to be there before your ADR time for any reason.

5 minutes early at the most. We ate there Friday evening and they were announcing you could check in if your ADR time is 5:35 pm or earlier (and it was 5:30 pm during the announcement).

Same experience here. They didn’t let us check in for our 1:00 lunch until 12:55 in February.

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Great. I can maximize our ride time then.

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