What time to arrive for MK EMM

As this is DW and DD4 first day ever in a Disney Park, we decided to do the EMM add-on. 7:45 AM start time. We will be staying off-site and Uber/Lyfting. Trying to decide whether we get dropped at Contemporary and walk or just the TTC.

Your thoughts? I am leaning TTC for the experience of it all. What time should we arrive to get thru bag check and take the monorail?

So fun! I LOVED EMM at MK. I’m chronically early when it comes to Disney parks. When we did EMM at MK we arrived at the TTC about 6:45 and had to wait until 7 for security to open and the monorail to start running. When we arrived at the MK there were already people there. I assume they had done the Contemporary walk. If it’s important to you to get castle pics without people in the background I would say you should be one of the first in line at MK, which means arrive around 7-7:15. If those empty street pics aren’t a priority you could arrive at about 7:30 and be just fine.

When we did the EMM at HS they let us in early. Breakfast was supposed to start at 7, and then they said they wouldn’t lead us to TSL until 7:30. We were done with breakfast and lined up to go to TSL at about 7:20, and some of our party was talking about finding a bathroom while we waited. And then they started walking us back! It was awesome!

At MK, however, they held us just before the train overpass until 7:45. It was super frustrating because I thought we would actually be riding rides at 7:45, but with being held so long, and the walk all the way to Fantasyland, I don’t think we hit 7DMT until about 7:55. Ugh.

So, considering both experiences I would still probably arrive at MK early, hoping they would have changed their policy and let us in earlier. Like I said…chronically early at Disney.

They did the same for us last tuesday. I was pretty disappointed as well. But we still did get in there and ride 7DMT a ton of times with literally no wait. So it was hard to complain. We didn’t get to meet the princesses, but that was the only thing we didn’t do…well, that and small world. We just wanted to ride 7DMT again.

I think it’s best to do some other rides first: winnie the pooh, mad tea party, under the sea, maybe even meet the princesses. And then do 7DMT. Toward the end of the time, there was literally no wait at all when earlier, we did have to wait 5-10 minutes.

We arrived at the TTC just before 6:45am and were the first people in the car park, we didn’t even have to pay for parking as no-one was there to take any money.

We took the monorail and were held at the front of the line until 7:45. It was a bit frustrating at the time but tbh in wasn’t really a big deal. We got plenty of empty Main Street pictures after making a dash for it.

We did loads of rides until 9am and then got to the front of the line for Enchanted Tales with Belle before park opening. After that we went for our breakfast.

We’ve done EMM twice at MK and will try it at HS next time. Definitely worth it.

If you don’t have a car I would get dropped at the Contemporary as it will be quicker.

Yep that’s the plan. Grab a quick pastry at Cosmic Ray’s, then Winnie, princesses, and Peter Pan. DW and DD4 then go do under the sea while I hit 7DMT (twice hopefully), then meet up at Ariel’s Grotto for RD there, over to Buzz Lightyear and then Breakfast. FP+ for Jungle, then CBJ, FP+ Splash, FP+ Belle and then an ADR lunch at BoG. Should be a great morning! Philarmagic and Small World before the Parade, then hoping an FP+ opens for Meet Mickey. Nap and Dinner Break before a casual evening of People Mover, Dumbo and maybe Sideshow Pete’s before OUAT and HEA

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