What time to arrive at HS for Jedi Training

This is my #1 thing I want my kids to do at HS. We missed it last time even though we got to the park early because we had issues with the cast member tickets we had. This time I just have an 8 day base so there won’t be any issues. What time should I arrive to the park to be able to get JT and get a good time as well?

Get there about 45 minutes before park open. The tapstiles often open earlier and the crowd moves down the street for the opening show now. Then beeline it to the sign ups, currently near the AI building (last I saw).

Agreed. This is an arrive well in advance of RD event. I don’t know how old your kids are, but do prepare them for Darth Vader’s appearance (even if they’ve seen the show at HS a bunch of times).

My DD is a Star Wars fan, was beyond excited to participate, was having a blast, hamming it up for the crowd. DV appeared and she freaked out & basically ran off stage crying. Made great video, but wasn’t ideal for her. Oops

Yep. He can be pretty intimidating.

My DS, however, went full on Jedi for his turn. And I’m not sure if they do it anymore, but got chosen to do the force push on the Stormtroopers.