What time to arrive at dessert party for Frozen fireworks

We purchased the frozen package, but will miss the morning parade (it's our arrival day and won't arrive until 1pm)

What time should we show up for the dessert party? We will be coming from a 6:50 sci fi dinner (we may share meals so we can save room for desserts)!!


It starts at 8:30, we got there early and just stood in line, it was moved to disney jr due to rain so we were escorted out around 9:15 to the fireworks viewing area so we wouldn't have had a ton of time to eat if we got there later. Maybe you could go back after the show we didn't try.

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THANKS! Was that for 9:45 fireworks? Our fireworks start at 8:45 so I'm thinking go around 8:00??

Yes that was when the fireworks were at 9:45.

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