What Time Should I Leave Pop and other questions

We are staying at Pop this year (something we’ve never done). We are going to MK, HS, and AK–all are which are scheduled to open at 8. If we want to get there at Rope Drop, what time should we leave our hotel? We are driving.

I stay at POP 95% of the time when I go. I love that resort and you will too!!

honestly, for MK, I would take the first bus at 7am-ish. It will get you to the front of the park. It’s more direct.

HS and AK, you can leave around 7:15 and be there well in time for rope drop. HS is almost around the corner as is AK. POP is actually considered one of the Animal Kingdom area resorts.

Thanks, DarthDopey!

We’ve never taken the buses before, and we always leave the park in the afternoon. Is the bus ride a hectic experience? Are they frequent enough that we wouldn’t have to wait very long? We would have a fairly large stroller to lug on and off.

I’ve done both: the drive and the bus. While driving seemed a bit more convenient, you still have to park at the TTC, get a tram, and either mono or Ferry over to MK. Then reverse that in the afternoon.

I think the stroller issue is a washout either way.

If you’re leaving in the afternoon (and not with the masses at park close) I don’t suspect you’ll have much trouble. Also, you can grab the AOA bus and just walk across to POP if the AOA bus is there first. I did that the other day and it’s not a bad walk.

Thanks again! Maybe we’ll brave the buses then (at least for the morning MK). My daughter(3) is dying to ride a bus anyway!

Thought of another question. If we want to see the xmas decorations at GF, how should we get there? Are there other places with cool decorations that are up the week of thanksgiving?