What time should I be at HS for SWGE RD?

So it sounds like crowds at SW:GE have not been nearly as bonkers as we all thought they’d be. That said, I am still a Liner, so I want to make sure I’m optimizing my rope drop on the morning we’re planning to go!

How early should we get to the tapstiles to be near-ish the front of the crowd? We’re going Nov. 12, CL predicted to be 5. The park opens at 9am. Should we get there at like… 7:30? Is that early enough?

I feel like it’s hard to judge. EEMH haven’t been busy because who is going to the park at 6am. But 9am could be mobbed.

That said, I would guess 7.30 would be early enough.

Yeah I am trying to plan but I have no data to go on and that makes it very difficult! Argh!

I think I’ll shoot for 7:30. I wish EEMH was still happening when we’re there.

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ALSO – in what world would Muppets*Vision 3D have a longer line than Smugglers Run???

u ok, Touring Plans??

Muppet’s doesn’t open until 10:00 (mentions this right in your plan :wink: ).
So you getting there at 9:21 is making you wait most of that 53 min…
I’d flip Muppet to after SWGE to avoid this.

This is how it optimized!! Why on earth would this make the most sense, TP algorithm?! :joy::joy:

(I already swapped stuff around and Evaluated, because the Optimize doesn’t want to cooperate.)

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I rarely use Optimize, never like it.

Evaluate…tweak…evaluate…tweak…goes on like this for 6 months…

Also, if you are going to arrive at 7:30 to RD SWGE, go there first! Doesn’t make sense to get there towards the front and then go to ST’s.

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I mean, duh, right?? This is a no-brainer for a liner. I’m just going to block out the first few hours of the morning for SW:GE, then head over to TSM for our first FP+ at 11ish.

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When we were at HS two weeks ago the line for the Starwars ride was only 20 minutes.
The whole area was busy but not crowed .
Cantina required a reservation but dinner at the cargo bay was not crowed and food was very good
Also you could walk into the droid area and other shops with no wait.
Great work of creating a whole world of interesting sets.