What time has Skyliner been starting in the mornings?

looking to do RD next Tuesday at HS and staying at CBR. trying to decide if I should uber or if I can use the Skyliner.

I think it would be best to get your own ride if you really want to be there early. Skyliner is great but not completely reliable yet, including that they seem to keep changing the time it opens.

What about using a bus?

Times guide:


The latest article on easywdw.com was about this. He recommended using an uber etc.

my view is if you are doing a true rope drop to be at an advantage for high wait time rides (aka getting inline 45-60 minutes before scheduled opening) you should use non-disney transportation like your own car, ride share, or even walk ( boardwalk area resorts to HS )

I’ve heard that Minnie vans aren’t running that early. Any other suggestions for families To get to HS early enough that have kiddos in car seats?

Uber Family comes with 2 car seats, is that enough?

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Yes, thank you! I would feel more comfortable with a Minnie van but it’s good to know that this is an option.

Is that new? I thought they only had 1 car seat.

Do you have a kid old enough for a booster? They have portable boosters that get good reviews. I’m planning on going that route next trip.

If you haven’t brought your own car seats with you then probably the most reliable way would be an appointment with a car/limo service like mears where you can request car seats, that’s my 2 cents. otherwise just risk disney transportation and hope you aren’t too far towards the back of the pack.

“Uber Family” is something different, has to do with family plans. Uber has started a car seat request but i think it’s limited

Apparently UberFamily hasn’t been an option since 2017. Now only Uber X + Car seat is available, and it only comes with one car seat :frowning_face:

and i believe UberX with car seats is only available in a few cities, “Orlando” being one of them but not sure if that includes Disney area. I believe they may have changed the UberFamily name to avoid confusion with their Uber Family Profiles.

You can try to precook your Uber the night before specify the time and car seat needs. Alternatively assuming more than 1 adult you can request 2 Uber +car seat if you need 2 just to be sure. I know it doubles your expense but safety of kiddos is paramount