What Time for Tusker House Breakfast on EMH Morning

We love the Tusker House character breakfast and want to do it again (3rd time) this trip. We would usually go for the earliest breakfast time available, but the day we are planning to go to Animal Kingdom there is an extra magic hour in the morning at 8 am. We are staying on-site, so we can take advantage of that. Should we still go for the earliest breakfast time or do some early rides then a later breakfast?

We are in the same boat as you with the early EMH. I’ve booked a reservation for 10:20am with plans to rope drop the park and get in 6-8 rides/character meetings prior to breakfast. My hope is that by taking this break we can extend our time in the park until early afternoon and then head back to the resort for a break.

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I’d do the later time too, and enjoy a leisurely breakfast without feeling any time pressure.

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I would do EMH to get all the big stuff out of the way and try for a 10:40am TH ADR. We had a 10:40 time and it was perfect. We got the full breakfast spread and also the change over to lunch.