What time does Navi REALLY open?

I am watching a video on the Touring Plans YT channel and in the video Brian says that Flight of Passage tends to open before scheduled rope drop time. For my trip I am planning on getting a FOP FP+ and since AK will be 60+5 for me I’m not worried. My question is, how early does Navi open on a non-EMH day since I won’t have a FP+ for it. Last time I was at AK was June 2017, and on that day I had a Navi FP+ for 25 mins after RD, and since FOP didn’t open until 15ish mins after RD I timed it really well.

I’ve heard it can vary a bit, but the day we were there (Jan 10) was stated as 9am opening. I think we got there a bit before 8:15 and they let us in shortly after (I have a pic of walking by the Tree at 823). We were the second party onto Navi and off by 845.

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Thanks! I’m hoping the same thing happens for me.