What time does Frozen Ever After start operating at EPCOT?

We just got an ADR for Akershus for 8:05 for our trip in October. We were planning on doing Soarin at rope drop and Fast Passing Frozen in the afternoon. However with an early morning character breakfast we will most likely still be meeting princesses at Rope Drop so the line for Soarin would be horrible by the time we got there. I’ve read that at least some of the MK rides start operating early for breakfast ADR holders. Is there any chance Frozen would be operating at 8 so we could ride it before breakfast then FastPass Soarin later?
I do know we could ride Frozen after breakfast but I’ve repeatedly read to plan 90 minutes for character meals so I’m afraid by the time we leave Akershus, bother lines will be horrendous.

It won’t open til park opening.


Why not stick to Norway after breaky? Try to finish breakfast before 8:45/9 and jump ahead of the rope droppers. Might as well use your Akershus advantage…in fact, I would have thought the reason for the 8am ADR was Frozen. I don’t think you’ll have a problem w this. I personally have no experience w/ pre rope drop Akershus, but I have had success w/ 2 pre-RD breakfasts in the MK. Get your check upfront and try to arrive at the restaurant as early as possible. Maybe 7:30 or 7:45?..ask about this.