What time does Festival of Fantasy end?

I have a quick trip to WDW planned for June. We’re planning on park hopping from Magic Kingdom to Hollywood Studios after the Festival of Fantasy parade, and I was wondering when exactly that would be. I’m trying to make a customized touring plan for HS, but I’m not sure what to put as the start time.


There is a tab for parades and shows which would give you the option of adding it to your touring plan and it will time it accordingly

It kind of depends where along the route you stand. It takes about 20 min for the parade to actually go past where you are standing. If you’re in FrL where it starts, you’ll be clear by 3:30. If you’re at Town Square, it could be 3:30 (or later) before the start of the parade even get to you.

Where is the FP for this located? Im assuming TownSquare? Is it Standing only? which i assume ir right lol

Can’t help there; I always watch from FrL.

I heard on a WDWToday podcast that the FPP area for parades was by the flag pole. I don’t know if its every parade or not.

We had FPPs for the FoF Parade last month, and the area was by the flag pole. We were able to sit on the ground for it with no problem.

TY Robert. do you know how early you got there? Im sure ill be WAY early because its just the way i am but i want to see what you did if you recall. Thank you again

The parade was scheduled to start at 3:00 pm. I remember kind of scrambling to get there by the suggested time in my TPs - 2:45 pm. The CMs were trying to get people off the street because there were a couple marching bands that were coming by in advance of the parade. I don’t think the actual parade came by that spot until about 3:10 or so - maybe slight before that time.

The pictures I took on two days seem to corroborate that time.