What time do they let you inside AK during EMH?

We’re staying at a Disney hotel and planning to visit AK during an EMH day. So if the EMH starts at 8am, what time should we plan to be at the park? What time would they actually let you in the park? We don’t have FP+ for Pandora rides and would like to ride both of them. TIA!

How are you getting to the park? If at all possible I would try to get there before 7:00. The crowd builds fast and they have been letting you in early.

Thanks for the response. We’ll probably drive to the park. I can’t believe it would be crowds lining up for EMH? Wow… This is our fist time doing EMH so I’m not really sure what to expect. Thanks for the insight!

My photos are still posting sideways so sorry I cannot post.

Yep get there early. You have security to get through and big queues crowds all heading to FOP an you want to be at the front of those queues!

Wow…I’ll see how I can convince my 13 yr old daughter to wake up at break of dawn! LOL