What Time Do the Country Pavilions Open

I am working on my touring plans, not sure why, habit I guess. On April 8th, EPCOT is opening at 8:30. In the notes on the pavilions in the steps of my plan, it indicates they open at 8:30. But, when I put one in for my second step, it has me arriving at 9:09 or something like that and waiting for 51 minutes.
What am I missing here?

If I remember correctly from our 2021 trip that Future World opened at 9 and the World Showcase opened at 11. EE may have changed Future World times, that wasn’t available when we were there.

Remy and Frozen Ever After usually open for early entry. I’m not sure when the other pavilion attractions open, but it’s not too much later than park opening.


Things are definitely different now, since the parks re-opened, with both parts of Epcot opening at the same time (which was originally at 11am when they had the staggered opening times across all 4 parks).

I wouldn’t be surprised if the shops and eateries in WS don’t really open until 9am with the earlier park opening times.

It will be interesting to see if they keep this whole park opening at the same time. I suspect Remy is part of the reason.

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The step says pavilion opening at 8:30 but the times in the plan shows it opening at 10. I want to hit Remy first, stay in WS until walking over for a late breakfast at Ale & Compass, then go back to Future World, but not if nothing is open.

What steps do you have? Just the “visit pavilion” one or something more specific?

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It has been corrected. Now shows Canada at 9.
Not the way everyone would tour at rope drop, but if we can hit Remy at early entry. I don’t want to head back into Future World for an hour, just to turn around and go back to WS to walk out of the IG. My plan is to use LL for the other end of the park after lunch.


We were there a week ago and World Showcase opened with Future World. Not all of the shops and restaurants opened at that time. It was great to have time to explore the countries without a mass of people and we had the opportunity to have a private photo shoot in Morocco and spend time talking with the cast members.


This is our plan. We are taking skyliner in so we’ll enter the park right by Remy. Since none of the countries will be open, we’re heading to Figment, Soarin, and Living with the Land. It’s not far from France to the Imagination Pavilion. Then we’ll head back to the countries after Future World. Since it will be flower and garden while we’re there, we want to spend time snacking and those don’t open until 11 (in May). Earlier for spring break.

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