What Time do Rides close for World of Color, and which Rides close?

Making our TP for DCA and my daughter will be performing that morning, so I am trying to fit all of her favorite rides in evening along with WOC dessert party. WOC is at 9 pm and 10:15 this day. It is for Tuesday, June 28. This is our first trip to DL. Also, I am thinking we may be able to do Child Swap that morning for California Screamin’ and Tower of Terror with my Stepson and younger daughter with me, then he can ride those by himself that morning and I can ride them later with my older daughter after her workshop. Will this work with two adults and one small child or do I have to have the other child with me as well to get the Child Swap? It seems that the only ride she might not be able to ride at all is TSMM since there is no FP for it and the lines are crazy long if you don’t do Rope drop? Everything Else I think we can ride with FP or Child Swap.

Hello again @kristirichards1!

For rides closing for WOC: King Triton’s Carousel,California Screamin’, Silly Symphony Swings, Jumpin’ Jellyfish and Golden Zephyr all close.

I’m not sure exactly what time they cap the queues and stop people from lining up but I would guess at least an hour before showtime for Screamin’ maybe closer to the showtime for the others. I would also ask a CM that’s working CS that day to see if they can answer it for you as soon as you go on it in the morning.

Just in case I missed anything above, I do know for certain that TSMM & The Little Mermaid stay open throughout the show. I can’t remember if Goofy’s Sky School does for sure, but I believe it does because it’s not within the show sightlines.

For child swap (aka rider switch), if you have one child that is not tall enough and there is a wait for the attraction, when you ask the CM at the queue entrance, they will give you a lanyard no questions asked; the lanyard will then be exchanged with the last CM you see before you board for the actual rider switch (although Tower of Terror might give it to you in the library which is sooner than the last CM).

If the child who will not be riding meets the height requirement or the attraction has no height restriction, they might question that a little bit before giving you the lanyard for the rider switch. If your younger daughter truly does not want to ride the ride, then they should be giving you that rider switch.

Also, one time at Splash shortly after rope drop they wouldn’t give me a rider switch because it was a walk on and they said, you can just go one right after the other, so if the ride is a walk on, be prepared to possibly not get one. So maybe try to make it so that you wait for a small wait to build so you can get one for later use (We like to save ours for later too just so we’re not making our younger daughter’s entire morning miserable while she waits for all of us to do all the tall rides so that morning my husband just decided he wouldn’t be doing Splash).

So for TSMM, if your dessert party is for the 9pm WOC, you could do TSMM just before close (10pm is my guess looking at those WOC times, the 2nd WOC is usually after the park official close so the ride lines will all be capped and if you’re not on a ride or watching WOC you’ll be swept to Buena Vista street where the shops will still be open until about 11pm). As long as you enter a queue for any attraction before 10pm you’ll be able to ride it. Since a lot of the WOC show crowd that is staying in the park will head here, the line might still be longer than you would like, but at least you won’t be spending time that the park is still open waiting.

If you do the 10:15 WOC (not sure if they do the dessert party for the later one? but just in case it’s an option): ride TSMM during the first WOC). Even though the line still isn’t completely gone, there’s a good chance you’ll see a dip in it and it could just be a 20-25 min rather than a 40min+ like it would be the rest of the day. A few years ago when it was the older WOC show, we sat back on the pier right TSMM during WOC and watched a group of teens ride it as many times as they could. The line at that time was very very short so they got in at least 3 rides that we saw during the course of the WOC show. As crowds have increased over the last few yrs I doubt it would be that short, but you would definitely see a dip as a large portion of the crowd is off watching WOC.