What time do pavillions and food/drink kiosks open in Epcot World Showcase

My Touring Plan has us arriving at the Norway Pavillion at 10:30 am (in Jan 2018), but I thought pavillions don’t open until 11 am. And I want the Viking Coffee from Kringla Bakeri. :slight_smile: Will this work?

Norway opens at park opening because of Frozen Ever After. I believe the Bakery is open too?

Thanks, but it has us visiting the Mexico Pavillion next, at 10:40. Or maybe that’s open for the 3 Caballeros?

No, Mexico is not open. Do you have to much on your plan to fit in the time?

No, I don’t think we have too much in our schedule…I just wonder why the Touring Plan has us visiting something (Mexican Pavillion at 10:40 am) that’s not open. You would think the computer would know not to do that.

Do you have a gap of time in your plan when you have nothing scheduled? If not then it may be trying to fit everything in.

Thanks, Tinker. Who knows. Guess I’ll keep playing with it. I have 4 months. It’s me and my 5 kids, so I need to make sure I have time to get “adult refreshments” in World Showcase…

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You can post it here and maybe someone will be able to see the issue?

I thought I read somewhere that both Norway and Mexico were open early because you have to pass through Mexico to get to Norway? I also read to expect that to change once the newness wears off of FEA. I don’t know how reliable that info is, and I can’t remember where I read it.

Aha! I googled it (I never think to do that first) and Mexico IS open at 0900, along with the three caballeros - ay caramba!


This article is from a year ago.


Mexico used to open and they sold breakfast but I am pretty sure recent reports said no.

Mexico changed back to 11:00 about a year ago, I think maybe after the busy part of summer. Disney site now shows 11:00.

Thanks, I moved Mexico to later in the day.