What time do I need to be at Top of The World Lounge to eat dessert and watch 8:30 fireworks?

I was just curious what time I should have my family up to Top of the World Lounge for fireworks on a Sunday night? This will be the Sunday night before Labor Day if that makes a difference on crowds and times. Someone mentioned a really good chocolate cake I need to try so I was hoping to get in early enough to get that ordered and eaten then out on the balcony for the show.

We are trying to go to the Poly beforehand for dinner. Is a 6:20pm dinner res too late to try and make it to the TotWL for dessert and fireworks? I have 2 ADRs at ohana that day, one is at 4:00pm and the other is at 6:20pm.

Ideally I would like an Ohana dinner res for about 5:00, and I think that would give us plenty of time. What do you all think about my current options? Thanks

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Very good question. I hope you get a response as I am wondering the same thing!

Have you tried using the reservation finder to get an earlier reservation at Ohana? It’s worked well for me when trying to get a specific time.

Oh man! Don’t get me started on the res finder. I have been set up on it for months and have only gotten two pings and that is for 2 accounts with all 4 slots set to Ohana. I manually found the 6:25 reservation yesterday, no alert from Res Finder. It says it is checking but my dots are blue, aren’t they supposed to be green? I have not gotten a single hit on res finder since I started the thread(18 days ago plus I set up the res finder several weeks before this rant) in the following link: Reservation Finder Rant- How do people book so fast?

I do not follow the link. I did this once after getting a notification and the reservation was not there. I went and looked up the time on the Disney app and the available time was there. Not sure if this is a bug in the notification, but after that, I no longer used the link.

Ive stopped using the link as well and have MDE app up and ready at all times. In the thread I linked you to, people explain that the link is a one use link, meaning it only works for the first person to click on it, after that it no longer works even if the res is still available. Im not missing alert links though Im just not getting any alerts, which I find hard to believe after using res finder successfully for two trips prior to this.

I had a request in and it took 3 weeks to get my first notification. I had actually forgotten about it. Hopefully, as you are only a couple weeks out, people will start to modify and change their plans. I’ve also showed up early for my reservations and was seated prior to my scheduled time.

To go along with this… are renters allowed to enter the lounge at all? I’m seeing conflicting information. Some say no, others say so long as you’re staying in BLT, you can…

Im not sure. This is my first visit to BLT as resale owners. I have heard conflicting information as well. As an owner, even resale, I can go up. I don’t know what the policy on rented points is but you would think even a renter would have access to the entire property.

You have to be an owner staying at a DVC resort to enter TOTWL. They will check a membership card for entry.


Have you reactivated your requests?

Once you receive an alert, you have to go back into the reservation finder and re-start the request.

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Oh yea I go and refresh sometimes just to be safe.

I would get there an hour and a half before fireworks to get a seat and order drinks/dessert. That’s at the very latest.

Resale owner will probably be let in. We went in July and they let people who were renting points and staying at BLT.

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Cool thanks. That sounds reasonable. It will be the Sunday night before Labor Day and I think the resort CL is predicted to be a 6 so I hope it doesn’t fill up. I guess I will look for a 4:30-4:45pm Ohana ADR which is earlier than I prefer but it should hopefully give us plenty of time to get over there by 7:30pm. I wonder if a 5:00pm ADR for Ohana would be cutting it too close?

Unless you plan to gorge at 'Ohana, 60-90 minutes is plenty to get your fill.

Do you know what time the fireworks are that night?

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Fireworks are scheduled for 8:30pm that night.