What time do Fastpass for Fantasmic run out?

Another question on Fastpasses,

We will be in Hollywood Studios in late April on a Sunday. We aren’t interested in the dining package so we figure out best bet will be FP+.

The thing is, right now, our last fast pass won’t get used until 6pm, which mean we can’t pick a new one until then. Do we have any chance of getting them for Fantasmic that late? Is it worth even trying verses just lining up at 8pm for the 9pm show?

I saw that chart on here, but it really doesn’t make a lot of sense to us!


If you don’t have a FP for Fantasmic in April already, you likely will not get one.
Are you going to be there during spring break (or dare I say it… Easter)?
I think you should plan on the standby line.

We will be there on Sunday April 30th, so the week after Easter and I believe after spring break as well.

So it sounds like same day FP for Fantasmic are just not likely? Should I use my one reservation for it?


We typically travel in January which is considered a “slower” time of year. I used a fastpass for Fantasmic on a recent trip. We had a terrible experience the year before where inexplicably, there were thousands (not exaggerating) of Brazillian tourists chanting and jumping up and down. I nearly had a panic attack. We were all in the standby “line” and it was a scary nightmare. Finally got in and ended up squatting in the reserved section when CMs took pity on us.
After that I said that if anyone in my party wanted to bother with Fantasmic, we’d be using a FP for it. It’s amazing how the same attraction can be a very, very different experience with a bit of planning.
Yes, FastPass it. :slight_smile:

Thanks all, I decided to use my advance FP+ on Fanstasmic after all just to be safe. :slight_smile:

We want to try seeing Fantasmic – without FP – on the Monday after Easter.
We already have 3 FP for earlier in the day; the 3rd FP is for 1:15pm Indiana Jones show, so probably not likely to get a 4th FP for Fantasmic that late in the day?

How early would you recommend getting to the Fantasmic standby line? 30 minutes? 45 minutes? 60 minutes?

Maybe you can visit the Fastpass+ website for checking the same-day FastPass+ reservations run out based on crowd level. http://blog.touringplans.com/2015/05/06/fastpass-plus-availability

I know you are not interested in the dining package. But since I don’t want to waste my FP+ and I also will be HS in late April, I simply make a reservation of the “Fantasmic dining package” to get the FP+ of Fantasmic show.If you want, it seems that you can use your dining-plan free for the package. http://wdwprepschool.com/tips-and-tricks-for-fantasmic/#Fantasmic_Dinner_Package

Will it be 1 or 2 TS?

The Fantasmic Dining package is only 1 credit at Mama Melrose’s or Hollywood & Vine. It is 2 credits at Hollywood Brown Derby, as is a regular meal there. On the dining plan, the Fantasmic package is a steal as it costs you nothing extra, gains you a free appetizer and gives you the best passes for Fantasmic.

It’s almost strange DIS is offering us something for free. I was highly suspicious the first time we did it, but it worked wonderfully…

Unfortunately in this case, we are staying at the Dolphin, so we can’t get the Dining Package.

Even paying out of pocket, if Fantasmic! is a must do, the dinner package is worth considering. If you were planning on eating TS at HS anyway, I would recommend doing the dinner package for the easy Fantasmic! access plus the premium seating.

You can fast pass now for Fantasmic?

Does it have to be dinner for the package or can it be breakfast?

I believe Holoywood and Vine may have a breakfast package choice but the lunch/dinner package at MM can be a good value since it comes with an appetizer. HBD is a very good value if you would be eating at a signature restaurant either out of pocket or on the plan.

I’m not aware of a Fantasmic! breakfast package, just lunch or dinner. Mama Melrose’s doesn’t open for breakfast so if there is a breakfast option it would only be at Hollywood & Vine. If the goal is breakfast food options, picking the earliest lunch (probably 10:30) might get you both food options at least early, if the goal is early entry to the parks and Fantasmic! that might be tough to do unfortunately…