What time do Fantasmic Fastpasses run out?

With only 2 weeks left for Fantasmic before the long closure, my family would like to see it one last time (our son hasn’t seen the DL version, just Hollywood Studios). Unfortunately, almost every day between now and then is a 10 (except for the last week, when I will be back at work on weekdays).
Does anyone know what time on average the Fastpasses for the the first show run out? Do we need to open the park to ensure we get them? I know about the dining options, but I’d rather not pay the required prices for the three of us. We are annual passholders, so there isn’t anything else on our Must Do list for that day.
I couldn’t find anywhere on the site or the app where Fantasmic Fastpass times are shown.

I can check with a CM distributing the F! FPs later this week.

Checked with CM this morning, it varies. Can run out as early as 9-10am, other days noon. Park open 8am.