What time can I make ADRs & FP+ reservations?

I am planning my first trip to the World and I need some clarification.

  1. What time on my ADR day can I start making reservations? (5/30/16)

  2. What time on my FPP+ day can I choose those? (9/26/16)

  3. I’m trying for (in order by day)

    Saturday: Garden Grill dinner
    Sunday: BOG lunch / O’hana dinner
    Monday: Rainforest Cafe AK dinner
    Tuesday: Crystal Palace lunch (Doing MVMCP later)
    Wednesday 50’s Prime Time Cafe dinner
    Thursday: Teppan Edo dinner
    Friday: Whispering Canyon dinner
    Saturday: Chef Mickey’s Breakfast

I know the BOG will probably be the hardest to get. Are any of the others as difficult to get? I’m not very concerned about what time I get, the husband and I can eat anytime.

You can make ADRs at 6 am Eastern online, or 7 am by phone. FPP is at midnight Eastern. You are correct to get BOG first. I think the rest should be fairly easy, especially if you’re on right away at 180. Good luck!

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Thanks @scrapper1617! I knew I could count on the Liners for a quick answer! :blush:

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I actually think that 'Ohana can be very hard too! Start with that day!


Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind for my 2nd.

BOG first yes absolutely first, I would move to Ohana second, especially since how late you eat there will probably depend on what lunch you are able to get for BOG and you will want to have room for all the wonderful food at Ohana! Plus it can be harder to get too, but if you are wanting/needing to eat a bit later depending on what BOG lunch you get that would work in your favor.

I would say Chef Mickey’s 3rd but Crystal Palace would be a close 4th.
We did both Garden Grill & Whispering Canyon and both of those were some of the most flexible and easiest to re-arrange when at 70 days I had to rearrange the cosmos so I would be less worried about those.

I’m not sure about 50’s or Teppan Edo, but I am fairly confident that Rainforest will be the lowest of your priorities. I could be wrong, but it doesn’t get a whole lot of love and I know I talked my son out of it for our trip because we can eat at it in other not Disney World destinations and when I have had it (pre-kids) the food was such a bust, but the atmosphere can be really fun, especially for any kids that may be in tow.

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Thanks @lolabear_la

My plan is to do an early lunch that day at BOG and go for dinner at O’hana after the MK closes early at 7 for the MVMCP that night that we won’t be attending. I think we’ll be pretty hungry by 7:30 or 8:00 if we eat lunch at 11:00 or earlier.

I am not set on Rainforest but the DH isn’t a very adventurous eater for something like Tusker House or Boma. He’s mostly a meat and 3 kinda guy.

Could you recommend somewhere else that is 1 credit that we don’t have yet?

Great plan for your BOG/Ohana day @larrielaine! Something to keep in mind if you might get hungry is that the wait to get into Ohana, even with ADR can be 30 minutes! We waited just shy of 40 and were STARVING but it was so worthwhile for the food, fun, atmosphere that got from Ohana.

Tusker House is a great one, but definitely more adventurous. I’m trying to stretch my memory to remember any non-adventurous options there. I know my kids found enough food to be happy and they can be adventurous but when given the choice of conventional will choose conventional.

If 1900 Park Fare is 1 credit, we did enjoy the breakfast food and have heard the dinner food was great too and it was more staple food, less adventurous. I can’t think of anything in the AK range that immediately comes to mind as less adventurous, but my husband and I really love being adventurous so I probably am missing some obvious choices in the area. Sticking with Rainforest wouldn’t be the worst in the world since the atmosphere especially after a day of being in AK would be fun.