What time Australia do I book FP's


I am wondering if anyone can tell me what time in Australia (Sydney) I would have to make my Fast Pass reservations?

With that, do I make them from the last date of our stay, through to the first day… or is there another method :)?

Hello fellow Aussie (I am in Brissy)

The time has recently changed to 7am US time which is 9pm Australian time. However I have been making mine over recent days and where I have made them with the app I have still been able to make them at midnight US time which is 2pm Australian time.

If you are staying onsite you can make them 60 days out and I think you can make them for your whole stay (I might have that wrong, if so, I am sure someone on here will jump in).

If you are staying offsite it is 30 days out and you will have to get on each day as you hit the 30 day mark for each day in the park.


Thank you :slight_smile: That is a big help… I was getting more and more confused trying to work it out.
I am staying onsite so I think I get to make them 60 days out and for the entire trip.

60 days out for entire trip is correct for on site.