What time and where to enter MK with an early BOG reservation?

Sorry if this has been asked but couldnt really find all the answers. We have an 815 BOG res. Was wondering if we would be able to take a bus from POR on a day when the park doesn’t open until 9am. I’ve heard the buses begin one hour before park opening and I would like to leave before 8am. Also, do you enter at a special place? Not sure how we will know where to get in if there is a large group just waiting on rope drop? How early can we enter the park? 745? Thanks!

I’ve heard of a very early pre-rd adr bus running earlier than one hour prior to park opening. I’d give a call to the POR desk just to make sure if nobody here can confirm - but I have a sneaky feeling that someone here will be able to. I’d also suggest that Uber would be a very good friend to you to leave nothing to chance for very little money.

As for entry, you’ll be fine at 7:45, you’ll see the adr entry section at the far left side of the park entrance. There will be a line at 7:45, and most likely, signs or cm’s asking people if they have a reservation.

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We just had an 820 res last week, caught a bus from POP at 650, in breakfast line by 720, and entered the park at 745. We were the third party to enter the dining room at 8am. There is a breakfast line all the way to the left at the tapstiles, there will be a cm there with a sign and another scanning bands to confirm your res. Very easy process!



Here’s details to help you if you decide to try Uber/Lyft to get around:

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