What ticket do we need?

We are planning our trip in May to Disneyworld. We want to go to Magic, Animal, Hollywood and Blizzard Beach - all for 1 day. What is the best ticket to purchase? If I am reading it correctly the Water Park and More pass has to be used on the same day as one of the theme parks. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

You don’t have to go to the water park the same day as a theme park. With the Water Park & More ticket, you get admission (entitlements) to the water park for each day that the tickets are valid. For example, if you have a 5 day ticket, you can hit the water park 5 times, regardless of going to a theme park or not.
You could also do mini golf and DisneyQuest for a combined number of 5 times going by the example above.
I hope that makes sense!

I would get a 5 day ticket with hopper & Water park & more. That’s just how I roll… If you are only going to be there 4 days, get the 4 day with those options. And, definitely use one of the recommended vendors on this site. Buying via Disney will be the most expensive.

I do not think DisneyQuest is being included in the Waterpark fun and more ticket since DisneyQuest is closing? A three day Waterpark and more ticket will give you three park days and up to three entries into the water parks and miniature golf.

Are you planning on hopping at all? If not, a hopper won’t make sense financially. Price out the difference between a water park and more ticket for the number of days you’ll use, and a base ticket for that many days plus a single admission to Blizzard. The latter will be cheaper, but you won’t have as much flexibility.

@lgorgone is right. Buying the 3 day plus one day of Waterpark is $58 extra instead of the $64. It is a total of $90 extra or only $26 more to add park hopping to the 3 day Waterpark and more ticket- of course- plus tax.