What The Heck do I Pack?

Trying to see what we will need for our upcoming trip late November/early December. I don’t want to over pack for the weather and I’m sure that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. Any tricks to offer or weather experience

It all depends on you. I have spent the last three Christmases in Florida. I am from NJ and we pack summer clothes. You can tell the tourists from the locals by what they wear. Tourists are in shorts and t-shirts and are very comfortable and the locals are dresses in long pants and long sleeves with a light jacket. I would check weather history to get the mean temp for Disney that time of year to see what you’ll be comfortable with. I would say temp would be high 60 to mid 80.

Layers. You could see highs in the 80s or lows in the 50s - in the same week. Maybe in a 24 hour period.

I get cold easily and have been before in mid November and will be going again. I plan to wear capri pants. I will take a lightweight jacket and may wear a long sleeve t-shirt in the evening. I will be wearing jeans on the way down and way back because it will be cool to cold here. If there is a drastic swing, I could wear my jeans.

So a couple pair of jeans/shorts , tshirts and zip sweatshirt for evening/morning should be fine I’m coming from Chicago. I’m usually cold but my kids and husband r fine in shorts until its 50 out! Actually, my husband could probably go without a shirt at all :grimacing:Crazy

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I would wear long sleeve shirts under a tee shirt in the morning with jeans.

We are going at this same time, and I’m trying to plan for layers. I am typically an over-packer normally, but since I’m trying to save some room in our suitcases for souvenirs, I’m going to start packing earlier than I normally would in hopes of making some adjustments to lighten the load! For what it’s worth, I will be packing gloves for my family, but inexpensive ones in case they get lost of fall out of pockets. My hands are one of the first things to feel the chill when it’s cooler out, and if we ride outdoor rides where we are holding onto cold metal bars, they will get all the chillier!

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I was thinking of that too for evening. I was hoping to some smart phone friendly ones for me

Layers. I’ve been in November when we wore both shorts and tanks and coats in the same trip.

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I was there for Thanksgiving last year. I wore shorts and tank with a jacket or sweatshirt. It was chilly in the morning and once the sun went down, but during the day it got hot. I tend to get cold before other people though.

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Sounds like me and my husband.

My fingers go numb when they are cold and I have never worn globes in WDW and have been there as late as early December

I was there the week after Thanksgiving last year. I wore capri pants every day and carried a jacket for mornings and late nights. The Florida sun is warm anytime of year so when the sun is out, it’s pretty warm. On the other hand, when the sun goes down, it can get pretty chilly. We are from NC so we are not used to very harsh winters.

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We went in December 2010, and for the first (and so far only) time it was properly cold with max temperatures in the 50s for a few days and frost on the ground in the mornings (citrus growers were fearing for their crops). I had to buy some emergency supplies like gloves and thick tights from LittleMissMatched. Thankfully there were plenty of hot drinks like mulled cider for sale in the parks which helped!

You really won’t know until much nearer the time what the weather is going to be like when you’re there, but it’s not likely to be as bad as that. Definitely plan for some warmer clothing for the evenings though. :slight_smile: