What snack is over rated and you just dont get the rave?

For me it has to be the Orange Bird Icecream, just wasn't has tasty as I thought it would be....sticking to the Dole whip in future.

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Anything from Germany caramel store except the popcorn.. Always looks good but it tastes weird. I bought chocolate covered caramels there & spit them out 😁

Dole whip doesn't appeal to me at all.

Dole whip...Yuck!! I hate pineapple.

Carrot cake cookie for me!

Cupcakes - any kind from WDW - I like cupcakes, but it's just cake - easy to make at home.

Turkey Legs. Too dry, too salty, and too smoky.


Second the turkey legs! Just don't find them appealing in any way.

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Oh yes, I forgot about turkey legs - agree with you and find them totally unappealing!

I love the Turkey Legs at Disneyland. I wonder if they're saltier at WDW or something.

Turkey leg: there's something strangely cannibalistic about them.

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School bread - tired it on our last trip. It was ok but probably would not order it again.


Definitely the turkey leg! Smells amazing but tasts disgusting!

Dole whip, but I'm going to give the vanilla combo a try before I give up.

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Dole Whip. I like the Orange Bird Ice cream better.

I haven't had enough trips to come across a snack that I didn't enjoy yet. But I do know that I will never try the turkey leg. poultry_legmask The thought of it grosses me out even though I love turkey.


Dole Whip, most definitely.

Cake cups! Blech. They were like the worst canned frosting with super stale cake. Way too sweet but also completely flavorless. I also agree on the turkey leg but if you go to IOA the turkey leg at the Three Broomsticks is way better.

School bread...

Jalapeño pretzels at AK bleck 😝

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