What should I do 1st? BOG or 7dmt?

I have a Fastpass+ for 7DMT between 11:30 and 12:30 and a Fastpass+ for BOG lunch from 11:20-11:50. 7DMT is all booked now and can’t change it, BOG won’t let me in either. Should we eat lunch first or do 7DMT first?

I’d show up for 7DMT about 5 minutes early and then go to BOG right afterwards. Usually there’s a little bit more leniency with meals than there is for rides, especially if you explain that you were stuck in line for the ride if you are running 5 minutes or so late for the meal.


I would say show up 5 minutes early for 7dmt, and then do BoG.

That’s what I was thinking, but I wanted opinions. Thanks :smile:

Cool, thanks. We haven’t done either one yet and I’d be disappointed if I messed up our plans. :smile:

We were late to a few of our meals this last trip and they never even batted an eye. FP on the other hand they were pretty strict with. We showed up once 6 minutes early and they made us wait until the minute clicked over even though no one else was there waiting lol. You’ll be fine, enjoy both!

I’m in a very similar predicament! My 7DMT FPP is from 11:40 to 12:40 and BOG lunch is 11:20-11:50. I’d like to do 7DMT first, so my plan is to show up early to 7DMT and just try… If we’re turned away, then we’ll just plan on going after lunch.

@monicaicg What day will you be there? Our MK day is Thursday, January 29.

@vpillers You’ll have to tell me how it went for you. We’ll be there Sat, Feb 7. Checking in on Fri, Feb 6 staying through Sat, Feb 14.

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We followed everyone’s advice and did 7 dwarves 1st then BOG. We really liked the food. It was a great day.