What shoes in WDW?

80 degrees and rain at Hollywood is a borderline perfect day, imo.

I’ll vote for 70 and sunny…


On our June trip I brought 3 pairs of Skechers - two were go walk and 3 pairs of Birks - 2 were that waterproof foam kind of material. For 5 days. :smile: Every morning I wore a different pair of Skechers. After the afternoon rest I wore a different pair of Birks. With those tall diabetes type socks because then I don’t get that Disney rash on my legs. And the weather was going to be hot.

You, and 30 thousand of your closest friends?

The best shoe is one that is appropriate for your foot and gait and that you have broken in. Everyone is so different, so I don’t put much stock in specific brand or model recommendations. Your best bet is to go to a reputable shoe store and get fitted. And then walk at least 10,000 steps a day in them several times a week for about 2 months. I alternate between running shoes (I typically wear Asics or New Balance) and the plastic Birkenstocks that are waterproof.


My father and I did a 100km stretch of the Camino de Santiago and I rubbed Vaseline on my feet every morning. Not a single blister (and pretty easy to find).

For me, Brooks running shoes and Bomba running socks, the ones made with what they call performance material.
I always pack extra shoes. I also keep a pair of extra socks in my park bag in case my socks get wet.

My DH did not bring extra shoes the last trip. The first day we were in a torrential downpour and his shoes got soaked. The next day he wore the still damp shoes. He got the worst blisters on his feet that caused him to miss all or part of the next 4 park days.

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I have never been let down by Pod’s advice! Walt Disney World Tips (He’s a Liner and a CM as well as a dr)

I did the one pair of good sneakers and one pair of keen sandles (closed toe water shoe type). It worked fine and I was very happy I had those keens in my park bag during the August deluges. But I did write down a note for myself for the next trip to try and find a pair of “water shoes” that I can wear all day, every day. My park bag would be half the weight if I only had one pair of shoes and they were on my feet!

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