What shoes in WDW?

Hey gang. Think back to those golden days, before you were all pissed at Bob Cheapass. What shoes were you wearing in the parks? I have some broken in but newer Asics Gel Nimbus runners, but we just both picked up a pair of Hey Dude Wally/Wendy Sox that seem pretty awesome. Any experience with these? What do YOU wear on those Bob Paycheck free days?


My generic advice is decent quality sneakers that keep your foot in place (snug fit but wide enough) and doesn’t allow the heel to slip will get you a long way. A breathable/mesh upper helps avoid your feet boil.

I wear Adidas Ultraboosts, one of the very few sneakers I can wear as I have super wide feet and am prone to tendinitis, so I need the best cushioning.

But I know people wear anything from Crocs to slides in parks and it always confuses me as I’d be dead in half a day

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I wear my old running shoes, which tend to be NB 880s.

Running shoes with superfeet inserts for as much support as possible.

I am planning on wearing a pair of Adidas Puremotion Dash. I’ve been walking in them 3 days week leading up to our trip. I really like them.

I have learned not to get shoes specifically for any walking-heavy trip. Whatever is my best shoe for that at home at the time (typically OnClouds for the last few years) is the way to go in the parks.

I will bring a cuter pair for travel days (lately Vejas) and as a backup in case of wetness but OC’s are machine washable and dry overnight.
An easy to pack flat for a fancier dinner can come if needed but I have zero shame wearing a dress and the above sneakers in the parks.

I try to alternate shoes. I go between running shoes and Skecher sandals. Rotating shoes seems to reduce blisters.


I wear Brooks runners if it’s not going to rain, Keen sandals if it is. Sometimes a good quality flip flop or Birkenstocks if I know it’s not going to be more then 4-5 hours.

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I bring 4 different pairs. Brooks running shoes, keen sandals, teva sandals and a pair of sketchers sandals. It’s good to alternate shoes. Just wear what is comfortable for you.

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This is our plan as well.

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I agree with good supportive athletic shoes! However on our last trip one of our party hit a glitch that I would not have thought of. She was wearing an old pair of running shoes which were fine…up until it rained and they got wet. Once wet they smelled SO bad…and there was nothing she could do about it. She tried drying them out but it was near impossible, and then of course it would rain again the next day. Literally you could smell the shoes from yards away in lines and our whole room smelled of them. And she had not brought anything else to wear. Which brings me to my tip…always bring a spare pair of comfortable park shoes in case of soaking or other emergencies!


My current favorites (I’m on my third pair) are by Altra. They are designed for trail running. I put over 30 miles a month on them walking the dog and recently wore them walking all over Key West for two days. In addition to shoes that work for, don’t underestimate the worth of decent socks. Even my best shoes haven’t worked so well with bad socks.

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Alternate shoes for sure! I do Adidas Cloudfoam and Teva Voya Stappy but I think Spenco inserts plus body glide make all the difference!


Very true! I wear Balega brand socks for running which are amazing because they actually come in sizes, rather than something like “6 to 11” which is code for "too big for anyone less than size 11!“. :grin:

For shoes, I wear my running shoes (New Balance for me). I do have sandals if it is particularly hot, but my feet can’t last a whole day in them.

We do have shoe covers I can put over my shoes if it were wet outside… although even then, in Florida heat, they dry out pretty quickly.

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New Balance 990 Dad sneakers.

I don’t have any brand name recs - all feets are pretty different. Get the ones that work for you. BUT -

I bring two pairs of gym shoes for alternating, one pair of sandals made for getting wet and drying quickly (in case of a glorious rainout - empty park? signmeupplease)

I also bring an extra pair of socks in my sling, and FootGlide is an absolute MUST. It makes your feet feel satiny, borderline squishy, but dry. NO BLISTERS. It’s a weird sensation, but…NO BLISTERS.

As a former running shoe store worker, I’m a believer in getting a shoe that works best for your individual physiology. For me, I love the Nike Invincible, as a plush all-day walker.

Here is a video that gives some options (and of course, confirms my favorite…haha):


I have foot/knee/back issues and finding shoes is always an issue for me. I did 10 days in July wearing nothing but Vibram Five Fingers and had no blisters, knee pain or back pain, and when I got up in the morning, I didn’t have that “next morning” foot pain I typically get with other shoes. They do take a bit of time to get used to, and there definitely is a bit of a break-in time, but they’re pretty much the only shoes I wear other than “nice” shoes for church and boots if I’m going to be on trails or out in the woods.

That’s not a thing.

I confirm–those Nike’s are the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn for heel cushioning. I have multiple pairs.