What’s Worse?

We are trying to plan out our trip in November. What is worse…going to Epcot on a Sunday during food and wine OR going to Magic Kingdom on a party day? We have been to Epcot on a weekend during F&W and it was so packed in WS. But how crazy is MK going to be for that 7-8pm time frame window and for fireworks at 8? We are trying not to do MK on party days but there are 4 parties when we are there along with extended evening hours. Help haha. I feel like it may be better to do MK on a party day over Epcot on a Sunday but would love your input. Thanks!!

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We’ve dine both of those scenarios and it depends on exact time of year. In late August, this past month, Sunday late afternoon/evening was delightful. As crowds build toward Oct. 1st, I’d avoid F&W on a Sunday.

We hit Boo Bash late August as well, and crowds were not bad for the 8:45 PM fireworks. Different story now I’m sure. I’d go with MK party day though.

Did both of those things over Labor Day weekend. We started in WS at 11 and made it all the way around by about 5 or 6. Rode Gran Fiesta and Frozen, watched American Adventure and ate something at each country. Became crowded around 4. FW by that time was pretty much walk on for everything. Went to MK on Tuesday. Rope dropped. Rode 15 rides, including all headliners. Park started filling up around 6.

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