What’s the movie in the movie theater on Main Street?

I forgot to ask the last time I was there, what is the video that’s playing in the “vault” area? i think it looked like highlights of magic kingdom in opening week?

Is it available on YouTube?

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How did I not know there was a theatre on Main Street??

I don’t think I’ve ever paid attention to any movie playing there. They have that giant Mr. Toad sculpture in there now so maybe that?

It’s all a facade on Main Street. It has a movie marquee out front.

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Maybe the Mr. Toad movie whose name escapes me?

You probably knew about it, but never noticed what it was supposed to be. Up until the 50th it was where they sold art prints and stuff.

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I think she means maybe it’s Mr Toad showing

I looked at some walk-throughs of the shop since it reopened.

It does look like a historic reel but I can’t see well enough in any of the videos to identify what it might be

Maybe one of the old planning vids?

Maybe @koi1217 could stop in to see since she is on the ground now and report back to you later

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Oh, nope, It’s not. It was was showing people in the magic kingdom (with no sound). There was a helicopter fly over and people eating ice cream.

And I remember it showing a parade down Main Street

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Maybe opening day celebrations? Or like a how we built this place montages? Works with the vintage theme of the collection on offer there.

I miss that stuff, but at least they didn’t take away the amazing air vent. :hot_face::cold_face:

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If I remember right, the art was moved to the town square theater.

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I am pretty sure the “theater” in WDW has been a retail space for at least a few years now (at least back to the summer of 2018).

The one in DLR was playing some really old cartoon shorts when we were there in 2017, including Steamboat Willie.

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Love being asked. I’m at HS today though.

Maybe tomorrow? Or the next day?

I wish. Epcot tomorrow then home :frowning:

Aw bummer

@dboothsummers will be there this evening, maybe she can check it out


I will look if I see it!!! I have a feeling it will be shut down by the time we get into the park. They were turning people away at 7 bkz the park was at capacity

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