What room are "garden view" at POR?

Just got a “garden view” room at POR through Orbitz stacking promos (yay!). But can’t figure out what buildings garden view would be in? I had an option on Orbitz to book standard view too, so does garden mean preferred?

Garden view typically means a room in any building that sees foliage rather than parking lot. As far as I know it doesn’t guarantee a specific location on the property. The room view finder on the touring plans website will show you which rooms at that property qualify for that view and how to request a certain location.

Thanks, but that’s where I’m confused. Orbitz refers to standard, garden and royal rooms, the TP room finder refers to standard, preferred and royal.

So I think this means my garden view booking is considered standard from Disney?

Well there are standard Garden view rooms and and Royal Rooms with garden view. In the room finder if you select either Garden View/Queen beds or Garden View/King bed you will see the rooms available in that category that are not Royal Rooms.

Here’s a picture.

Does that help? It’s early still so I may not be very clear yet lol.

A garden view can also be thought of as a room that is not facing a quiet pool, not facing the river, and not a royal room.

In the past our garden view rooms have faced the courtyard of a mansion building (which was lovely) and also an alligator room that was facing towards center of the resort vs parking lot.

A preferred room location can also be a garden view, but the preferred location trumps the garden view.

Thanks @ThatDisneyGuy_outer1 and @MagicMN - I was totally using the room finder wrong. It was early and I was also bouncing off the wall at getting 5 nights at POR for $713!

It looks like MB buildings 80 or 85 might be good options for decent walks to the lobby and buses.

I’m also considering this my first successful use of the forum (it IS better on a PC), so thanks for joining me on that!

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@GrownUpLilo have you stayed PORS before? It is without a doubt my absolute favorite resort of all - including deluxe. I hope you love it too!

Good job on the forum use!!!

I’m glad you were able to find the info you needed. And the forums definitely get more familiar and easier to use the more you are on them!

Thanks, and, yes, it seems like practice makes perfect…also it seems like the mobile accessibility and speed of the forums is getting better.

@magicmn, I’ve never stayed anywhere besides pop and dolphin, so excited for the new resort!

@grownuplilo we just stayed in build 85 garden view. Was fine.