What rides do you avoid? Could someone change your mind?

It’s continuous spinning that makes me feel queasy — so, yes, they’re all out!

My comments…

Mission Space: Orange — You described green perfectly; I won’t waste my time on it. I really enjoy Orange; it’s a much different experience. I like it even better after a couple of margaritas. But understand, I have pulled 8 Gs in a military training centrifuge and I have flown in the back of Navy and Marine jet fighters with no motion sickness issues so I may not be the “average” judge of things like this.

Kali River Rapids — YOu could be “splashed” and you could end up looking like you jumped straight in the river. Kali is the dullest ride of its kind I’ve ever been on; although I don’t mind getting wet if it’s a good ride, this one is just too boring to make it worthwhile.

Prince Charming Carousel, Mad Tea Cups, Astro Orbiters — If a carousel might make you motion sick, then I would avoid all others. I enjoy all of the above (even Dumbo), but rarely want to wait 20-30 min to ride them.

Star Tours — It’s been one of my favorite rides ever since I first rode it at DL back in '86. I’ve never had motion sickness issues in any simulator ride.

And at UOR …

Rip Ride Rockit — Haven’t been since it opened.

Bilge Rat Barges and Rip Saw Falls — These are both a lot of fun. Rip Saw Falls is an excellent flume ride; it doesn’t have the wonderful “dark ride” aspects that Splash has, but it’s a fun ride. I have never gotten more than “heavily splashed” on it, but I’ve seen others in the same log that got pretty soaked. Bilge Rat WILL totally soak you - no escape. It’s at least twice the length of Kali, and a lot more fun. In August I would welcome it; in February i would avoid it.

Rides not on your list that I avoid…

Enchanted Tails with Belle - Cute, well executed, but I have no kids of my own and don’t revel in watching other people’s kids being cute. Glad I saw it, but it was one and done for me.

Any of the “spinners”. I’ve done them all “just to have done them”, but they’re just carnival rides. AO is probably the best because it’s high up on a platform (great views) and is a bit faster than the others.

TSMM - I don’t really “avoid” it, but I don’t go out of my way to ride it. I have never been a gamer, and to me it’s little more than a video game on a moving (uncomfortable) sofa.

Space Mountain - I rode this back in 1975 when it first opened (and before it was slowed down 3 or 4 times), and it was one of the best rides I’ve ever ridden. But it’s 43 years old, and even with the slowing down, I feel like I need a chiropractor when I get off of it.

Barnstormer - Why? It’s made for 10 year olds. Why would an adult want to ride this?

7DMT - It’s a very well done ride, although half (I’ll even give you 2/3) the length that it should be. But the pain induced by the knee bar would have made me give up State Secrets (if I knew any) to make it stop.

Any and all M&Gs - just because.


TSMM was the surprise hit of my trip last year. Didn’t expect to ride it. Had little interest in doing so. But an FPP came up so I took it. Absolutely loved the ride. Tremendous fun.

I skipped BLSRS last year. But I’m going to give it a whirl (see what I did there?) this year.

I’ll be at DHS on TSL opening day. Will I get an FPP for TSMM? Will I get an FPP for Slinky? Tune in to find out.

On our last trip (100 years ago), I did Mission Space Green with the kids a few times and handled it no problem so our last ride I tried orange with husband…then sat in the shade with a coke trying not to barf for the next 40 minutes. Soooo…never again under any circumstance.

I tried Star Tours and had a similar reaction though not as severe. It’s a bummer because I know my 7 year old is going to love that ride, but I just can’t do locked in a sweaty capsule with 3,000 other people without ventilation–or at least that’s how it feels to me.

I refuse to ride Rock N Roller Coaster under any circumstance.

For all us motion-sensitive folks:

Have you ever tried Gin-Gins? They are life-changing. My mom felt sick after FoP so I dug one of these jewels out of my purse (I had stocked up before we left home in anticipation of this very scenario) and before she was even done chewing it, she felt almost completely better. Then I gave one to my sister after she braved Mission Space: Orange by herself and came off the ride looking more than a little worse for wear. She felt better almost instantly.

Gin-Gins also helped me to enjoy (and not merely survive) a bus tour through the Scottish highlands last summer. Without them, I would have ended up asking our kilted speed-demon of a bus driver to pull over every ten miles so I could hurl in the heather…

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Where do you get them?

I have a hard time finding them in stores…I usually try to grab a couple bags when I make a trip to World Market. The link above is for amazon.

Thank you I might pick some up for fishing, when the water starts getting ruff.

Unfortunately ginger tastes like soap to me so those are a no go. I’ll stick with mints :blush:

Well, I get sick on rides that go round and round these days (didn’t used to until I hit about 30). But Mission Space: Orange just makes me a little dizzy, not really nauseous. I’ve been on it several times…but I know I couldn’t do it more than once in a several hour time period. It is pretty cool, but definitely questionable if you are prone to motion sickness.

I’ve been on it twice, and both times we only got mildly wet. There is no place you get dumped on…BUT it is possible to get drenched from the waist down if you get a wave that pours over the side. It is possible they control the amount you get wet based on the season, though. Anyhow, my kids and I came off mildly wet. More than sprinkles, but not drenched by any means.

The carousel is too slow to make you sick. The tea cups, however, I avoid like the plague. Astro Orbiters also doesn’t affect me even though rides that go in circles normally do. It doesn’t really spin, just goes in slow circles. Similar to Alladin’s Magic Carpet ride and Dumbo.

It used to be better before they updated it recently, but it definitely worth doing. Not as well done as what you’ll find at Universal, but it predates the motion simulators at Universal by a fair number of years.

No. Actually, it is quite smooth as coasters go. And it is the best coaster in all parks in Orlando. Perhaps someone was confusing it with Hulk, which is much rougher. I LOVE Rip Ride Rockit.

We did both our previous trip, but we skipped them this trip. Both are good for hot days. Rip Saw Falls is better than Bilge Rat Barges. The latter is just about getting wet and nothing more. But Rip Saw Falls is very Splash Mountain-esque. If you hate getting soaked, however, you’ll have to skip both. Tip: On any flume ride, you can reduce (not eliminate) how much you get wet by making sure more of the weight is toward the BACK of the ride. Keep the front tilted more up than down and it reduces the splash factor. If you want to get wet, scoot forward to that the front is heavier. (This doesn’t mean the people in front will get the most wet, however…)

If my wife would let me, I’d avoid It’s a Small World. I secretly hate that ride, but can’t let on because she loves it. :slight_smile:

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Gin-gins are definitely fantastic! I have used them successfully at WDW and Six Flags. I can get them at the grocery store in the health foods section.

However, I have recently used them one too many times for morning sickness and now the scent of them makes me gag. I’m hopeful I will get over it!

Are you a Star Wars fan at all? I am a big fan and planned to “suffer through” in order to experience it, but it was not as bad as I expected. I won’t go near the Tea cups, etc.

Try the Gin-Gins Spicy Apple flavor if you see it. I found them at Whole Foods. I hear you on the taste of ginger but I actually liked the spicy apple. I am generally a mess with motion sickness but these combined with daily Dramamine kept me nausea-free. But I sure won’t press my luck and try Mission Space Orange.

I’ve had less issues with Star Tours if I sit in the front row. I’m short enough that when I sit in the back row my legs don’t reach the ground and so I move around a lot more. I think the back of the vehicle moves more too. So if you are thinking about Star Tours, ask for the front row and maybe even the middle of the row, if you can make that work. I think you’ll move the least there. Maybe someone else can confirm? I don’t (really) get motion sick but after riding this 8-10 times in a row… sitting up front is best.

I’ve never been to Enchanted Tales with Belle. I would go if I was with a child. My mom went on it once while I was on Space Mountain and told me she felt trapped and that it was a major time sink.

I rarely go on Space Mountain. I don’t go on Carousel of Progress, Country Bear, Tiki Room, or Hall of Presidents. I guess I would if the weather was terrible and I couldn’t figure out anything else. I rarely see Beauty and the Beast - I would rather watch Frozen or Indiana Jones twice than that show. I saw Fantasmic once and I don’t feel the need to go again. If I was with a group that hadn’t seen it and wanted to go, I would.

Mission Space: Green or Orange - I never got motion sickness until this ride. It might be better now with the refurbishment, but I don’t feel a need to go on it to be honest. Like you stated, its a small TV in a small room.

Peter Pan - If the wait is over 15min, I will not wait in line for this. Yes, its a great ride, but at WDW it seems to always be 65+ min wait, while DL is rarely tops out over 25min.

Khali River Rapids - I don’t particularly like being soaked, and this seems like a ride where you get soaked.

Tea Cups - Don’t like spinning rides. And not a huge fan of Alice and Wonderland.

I haven’t ridden RRR, the water rides other than Jurassic Park, and quite a few of the 3D/4D shows. I have no desire to be soaking wet, regardless of how “fun” a ride might appear to be. When I go to UOR/IOA, I am all about Harry Potter and a few other rides - Mummy, Transformers, Hulk, Kong.

Mission Space: Orange — mixed reports, some horrifying. If Green is anything to go by, you’re basically just watching a small TV screen while locked in a cupboard.

That should be the official description of the ride. Both versions are on my avoid list.

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But it is a cool experience. The space/size didn’t bother me at all. I do hope the update to the experience improves it, but I enjoyed it each time I went on it immensely. I always did Orange, never green. Now that they are different, I’ll probably do both next time I’m there.

Just rode Kali for the first time this last week. The theming is pretty miserable and it is a short ride. Mostly enjoyable because we had two families each being funny trying to make the other get wet. Skip unless you are hot or have a lively group.

At Universal: Bilge Rat Barges and Rip Saw Falls…these BOTH soaked me to the core. I knew in advance that they would. I planned to leave the parks for a rest/change of clothes right after. They were a blast under those circumstances, both with decent theming and fun. Jurassic Park less soaking. But remember, most Universal rides make an effort to get you a little wet. These two both SOAK you.

Mission Space orange messed me up for a while. I was convinced to try green this last time and did okay until the last 10sec with the “crash landing.” Not my favorite. Can do Star Tours, Soarin, and FoP fine.

Had said I was done with Space Mountain due to the jerkiness, but found this last ride smoother. Maybe this is a hit or miss thing.

I will always avoid teacups, dumbo/aladdin/triceritops as spinning does me in. Give me a good drop (ToT) or rollercoaster (RnR, Hulk, Rip Ride Rocket) for better thrills!

Thanks for the recomendation, I will get some.

My hubby and I did Mission Space: Orange many years ago during our honeymoon. Upon lift-off, he screamed the loudest, longest expletive I’ve ever heard. (He’s not the one with a potty mouth in our relationship.) It was pretty much the highlight of my trip. And it horrified the couple sitting next to us, who didn’t speak English as their first language - but they knew THAT word. :joy: