What rides do you avoid? Could someone change your mind?

I’m currently not even considering the following rides.

Mission Space: Orange — mixed reports, some horrifying. If Green is anything to go by, you’re basically just watching a small TV screen while locked in a cupboard.

Kali River Rapids — how soaked do you get, how quick do you dry, and is it worth it?

Prince Charming Carousel, Mad Tea Cups, Astro Orbiters — I don’t do well on rides that spin (see also: MS:O)

Star Tours — I do OK with the motion simulators at UOR, but this one seems to get bad reviews

And at UOR …

Rip Ride Rockit — I’ve heard it cracks your skull in multiple places

Bilge Rat Barges and Rip Saw Falls — again with the water rides: is it worth it?

What do you avoid? Are you wrong?

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I love Star Tours. My mom, who has vertigo and can’t do Soarin’ is fine on Star Tours.

Kali River Rapids… just bring a dollar store rain poncho with you and toss it after the ride. That what we do.

Mission Space: Orange… you, sir, are a smart man! I totally agree.

I was convinced to go on Expedition Everest. I have a thing about sliding backwards (hate to stop at a red light on a hill, even), but I went, because no one else would go with my 11 year old, who just wanted to do that ride… twice. I survived. I’d also do it again, but maybe last, in case I got sick on it. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t that slightly defeat the object. Isn’t getting wet part of the “fun”?

Is the ride worth it if you wrap up? Interesting theming? Exciting boat ride?

Obviously you couldn’t get away with ponchos at the two Universal water rides I mentioned. I did the Jurassic Park ride last year and got slightly wet. It wasn’t huge fun. It dried fairly quickly, I suppose.

I also don’t do well with spinning (inner ear issues) so it would take a lot to get me on the tea cups or mission space orange. The carousel wouldn’t me a massive issue for me as it’s a wide enough turning circle to not cause me issues but I’ve never been on because its a carousel and I’ve been them and they’re not exactly thrilling. Went on Kali with poncho and enjoyed it so much we went again later in the trip. My hair still got pretty wet so that aspect of the ‘fun’ was still there. Love star tours, but I wouldn’t do it more than once in a day. It leaves me with a low level manageable headache which I find an acceptable pay off but I worry another ride would escalate the problem. But managed to do transformers and minion mayhem at universal with no real issues so there is a difference. As for rides I avoid, it’s usually big coasters but I am trying to test myself by going on something that scares me each trip, for wdw that was EE, and like ariadne I survived, but I’m not rushing back (again my inner ears were a problem, the pressure caused by the speed/banking makes it slightly uncomfortable). My real hurdle is my phobia of waxworks which makes me wary of animatronics. I’m ok on pirates (my brain seems to see running water as a defence), had a slightly dodgy moment on spaceship earth when one seemed to make eye contact with me just as their dialogue came through the speakers, and while I was ok in the haunted mansion as our car kept moving, I have had a slight breakdown in the paris version due to our vehicle stopping right in front of one that kept flying towards us. So while I don’t rule any of those out specifically I do my research so I know what I might face and cross all my fingers that I never have to be walked out of one because that would not be a fun experience for me.

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I won’t ride Mission Space Orange again, last time I did I felt sick for a few hours after. I don’t normally get motion sick, but this ride is seriously nausea/vomit inducing.
I skip Kali most of the time, but my teens like it. I hate being wet. I have ridden it in a poncho, but the theme isn’t so great that I would go on it without one. Skip it.
Carousel- boring to me so I skip it. Tea cups- I don’t like the spinning so don’t ride. Astro Orbiters- no issue with the ride but the line is always long and moves slowly so we skip it as well.
Star Tours is fun and I would ride if I were you, unless you have 3D issues.
Rip Ride Rockit- you have to ride it at least once. It is quite a rush going straight up at the beginning, plus you choose your own music. I vote for Evanescence Bring Me to Life or Motley Crue’s Kickstart My Heart. It does not crack your skull…but can be rough at times. It’s worth it!
We LOVE Rip Saw Falls! What we do is ride the 3 water rides one after the other just before you are leaving the park, because you will get soaked. The last part is exciting. Do it! :wink:

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I’m weird about water. I didn’t do the water parks last time and I’m not doing them this time, either. I was booked in to BC in part for Stormalong Bay, but switched to the Contemporary without too much regret.

The problem with water is that you get wet and it’s such a hassle getting dry again. You have to have towels, which means you have to carry towels. And possibly dry clothes to change into. And so on. Water parks sound like fun, but end up being a pain.

That being said, the wet rides at Universal are tempting. Maybe I’ll do them at the end of the day but take a change of clothes with me to make it easier.

I will do Rip Ride Rockit — I’ve been on “rough” roller coasters before and worst-case scenario is usually a headache which doesn’t last very long. But spinning things are out.

As for Star Tours, I’m still not sure. There’s so little to do (of interest to me) at DHS that I’m tempted to fit it in just to fill some time.

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Just watched a video of that to refresh my memory and I just have to say, while I am daring myself to try new things, I very very much doubt my reaction will ever be anything but ‘oh hell no’

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But Kimmy Schmidt and her mother rode it twice in succession (at least) and they seemed OK :rofl:


Normally I’m the “I’ll-try-anything-once” type, and I love a good thrill ride! I don’t have motion issues, although I don’t really enjoy getting jostled around a bunch (like on Space Mountain at WDW – the DLR one is much smoother). I have done Mission:Space Orange probably 5 times, but the last time I did it, my brain felt wonky all day and haven’t been back. I haven’t tried green since the update, but I enjoyed that a lot in its original form.

I love Everest & Star Tours. I have never done Kali mostly because I’ve never felt like getting that wet in humid Florida, and also because I’ve heard that California’s version (Grizzly River Run) is better, and I’ve done that one a lot. I can only speak for Grizzly, but depending on how hot it is, you get SOAKED. There are water jets and hoses aimed right at you, and if you’re on the downhill side in any of the rapids, you get the full wave treatment. The poncho thing is a little counterintuitive, but it’s a good way to experience it, especially if you’re just starting your day!. Also whatever you do on Kali / Grizzly, DON’T wear tennis shoes. Those things never dry and wet shoes make for stinky, sore feet!

The one WDW ride I’ve never tried? Stitch!! I’ve heard so many horrible things about it that I haven’t even set foot in the place. I’m sure I could be talked into it if someone really wanted me to go with them, but that has never happened!

I can’t speak to Universal since I’ve never been to the Florida version! Maybe some day…

:joy: Unlike Kimmy I am most definitely breakable

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Yes! All of these things. Plus, when you have your hair done, and that includes hair spray, the water rides make you look just awful. I don’t love the water parks either, we only just went to them last April even though the kids have been asking for years. They love them, so I gave in. We are going to Volcano Bay this trip coming up, and I would rather just skip it. The things we do for kids…sigh.

My son has been riding it since he was 7 or 8, I figure if he can do it so can I. It definitely makes my heart pound!

I’ve just watched some POV videos of the three water rides we’ve been talking about. I’m not massively sold on any of them. The view from Kali was pretty cool at one point, with Everest in the distance.

I also watched the RRR POV video. I’ll probably give it a go, but it doesn’t look particularly interesting. And I’m not a fan of corkscrews.

Where do you see bad reviews for Star Tours? It is a must do, multiple times every trip, for me.

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Kudos your son. One of the things that I’ve said to myself in lines before is 'look at that small child, they did it, so can you. And it gets me on the ride. But it doesn’t always get me to enjoy it. I’m happier on the 7 dwarves of the world, gives me a nice level of rush without the uncomfortable pressure that comes with the bigger coasters. Now I’ve figured that out my next challenge to myself is drop rides, have nor managed to talk myself on to TOT yet but I’m working on it! But here is my proof I went on a ‘proper’ coaster once. I’m the one with the frozen grin and the grey looking woman with her eyes closed next to me is my poor poor mother who I dragged along with me :joy:


Rip Ride Rocket is fun!

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The only ride I won’t do again is Mission Space Orange. The one and only time I tried it I was queasy for a few hours afterwards. DS has tried to tried to talk me into going back on, but that’s a hard pass for me!

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So true!

[quote=“profmatt, post:1, topic:43084”]
Mission Space: Orange — I haven’t done Mission Space since the late 90s or early 2000s. I turned Green. It’s not a great shade for me.

Kali River Rapids — $1 ponchos. I love this ride just for the thrill of seeing WHO gets soaked and comes away dry. It spins but not in a way that generally causes me any motion sickness.

Prince Charming Carousel, Mad Tea Cups, Astro Orbiters — Right there with ya’ buddy. Umm no.

Star Tours — Nope. No Simulators for me. Surprisingly I can handle Soarin’ but just barely and I have had to close my eyes a few times.

Answers in bold.

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