What ride/attraction/show at WDW have you never done?

You should do it just to say you did. Some it’s the only ride you haven’t done except the brand new ones.

MK: Tiki room, Country Bears, HoP, Liberty Belle, Main Street Vehicles and Tom Sawyer Island. Have been wanting to do the Swiss Family Robinson Tree each time I’ve gone as an adult because I remember loving it the one time I went as a kid 30 years ago, but somehow always end up passing it by. Also, never did Stitch but definitely remember Alien Encounter from that same trip 30 years ago
EPCOT: LwtL, Mission space, any of the circle vision shows, short films, any of the streetmosphere performers except Japan Drummers and the mariachi band, also never have seen any EPCOT evening fireworks
HS: RnRC (want to but kids not big enough yet so has not been a FP+ priority), MFSR
AK: now defunct primeval whirl and the Nemo show

I thinkTiki Room. Reading thru people’s don’ts I have done them all at least once (that’s been in the last 10 years)…this trips new to me things were Conservation Station, MMRR, Skyliner.

I had not done Philharmagic in a a long time, we went today for an AC break.

All at MK:

Shooting Arcade;
Mickey meet at front of the park, the one who talks.

MK: Riverboat. I think that’s it.

EP: I haven’t done all the movies in the countries.

AK: NRJ, TTBAB, and some of the animal trails.


There are probably other minor things I haven’t done as well.

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People Mover. The only one I missed on our last trip.

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I’ll try to do this from memory:

No waterparks at all
MK: philharmagic, HEA, Country Bears (saw as a kid but not since), assorted M&Gs
EP: haven’t watched any of the World Showcase movies or shows as an adult.
HS: Frozen singalongs, Beauty and the Beast, Indiana Jones stunt show (saw as a kid), Fantasmic

I’m honestly shocked I haven’t done Indiana Jones, but the showtimes never worked out with out schedule. Did the car stunt show many times before it was gone.

EE was down last trip when we tried to go on it when my kids were finally ready.

NRJ we weren’t going to wait in line for it. Will certainly ride next trip.

Frozen singalong is a MUST! A friend forced me to go… I went as a good friend… been back every time since and introduced it to more family and friends. Won’t tell why cuz ppl don’t like spoilers :wink:


I’ve heard good things and plan to check it out

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Fantasmic is not at MK…

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I’m still half asleep. Was thinking philharmagic

Oh. No face means no eyes which makes it hard to tell when someone is sleepy.


Waterparks. @Randall1028 can keep his stupid AC

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@Captain_heidelj_pillager_of_trip_reports watermarks = waterParks??

Ah you just posted to that end

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Oh. I didn’t think about nighttime shows.

In that case, never seen Fantasmic nor Illuminations nor the AK night show.

I did see the Epcot nighttime show once during our honeymoon…so whatever it was back then in 1995!

He has been a bit of a Typhoid Mary with that thing. It has infected all of us here on forum…

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MK: Liberty Belle and TS Island
EP: TT and MS
HS: SWGE, ToT, Cars racing academy
AK: EE and Dinosaur

Your reply just made me realize (and totally appreciate) the fact that @Captain_heidelj_pillager_of_trip_reports hasn’t changed his name back.

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He must still be celebrating “ talk like a Pirate day”?