What ride/attraction/show at WDW have you never done?

What ride at WDW have you never been on? What attraction or show have you never seen?

Does not really matter why (you can explain if you want).

Looking at the picture of Dumbo from a Trip report, made me realize I have never been on Dumbo as an adult, only one time as a kid 40 years ago.

I have never seen Fantasmic (never works with our schedule) or been on the Tower of Terror (no one wants to ride it with me), also Alien Swirling Saucers(no one wants to ride with me)

EDIT: Don’t have to include new attractions that have opened since your most recent visit.

Only interested in what you could have ridden but did not.

FWIW, ROTR and MMRR opening after my last visit, which will be exactly one year next week.

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Good question… I’ll need to think about this :wink:

Carousel of Progress & Country Bear Jamboree.

I’ve wanted to do them forever, but something always seems to come up. (or I’m with a person who has zero interest)

EDIT - I have forgotten about SW:GE & MMRR…

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Apart from SWGE which opened 2 weeks after our last trip and MMRR, I can only think of character meets. I’m sure there must be other stuff though. I’m going to have to check lists.

Edit - Enchanted Tales with Belle.


UOoh fun.

I have not done the SWGE stuff yet or MMRR. Hopefully in 3ish weeks I’ll have been on them all! Also no AS2 (wow, had to fix that) for me, blech.

No Mission Space. Also :nauseated_face:.

Haven’t done NRJ, PW, or KRR. Maybe I’ve done those last two but I don’t think so.

I’m not sure about MK rides. I went a lot as a kid. Not sure if I’ve done JC. No teacups or carousel as an adult. Also no HoP or CoP as an adult.

That might be it. We had 8 park days on our last trip so I’ve done almost everything that doesn’t make me sick.

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Dumbo (kids didnt like Aladdin the 1 time we rode so nixed), Hall of Presidents (that will be rectified this trip), Prince Carousel, Pandora rides (just because it wasnt open last trip to AK), SWGE rides and new Toy Story rides (haven’t been since it opened), Frozen ride (never wanted to waste a FP, RD or wait in a long line).

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Ooh I’ve also never seen Fantasmic.

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I’ve never done a character meal at WDW or DLR. :sleepy:

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MK: CoP, MILF, Speedway, Astro Orbiter, Carpets, HEA (wow, that’s more than I realized but nothing I care about too much except HEA)
Epcot: None
HS: Frozen sing a long, AS2, RotR, MFSR, MMRR (haven’t been there post-SWGE)
AK: I think only Conservation Station

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Anything at SWGE and MMRR.

Otherwise Ive hit everything else at least once

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I will amend this question to include available attractions

Not fair to say you never rode on something that was not open during any of your visits.

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I have never seen Country Bear Jamboree or Hall of Presidents. My wife and kids watched Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor and Enchanted Tales with Belle while I rode Space Mountain and BTMRR, respectively.

I haven’t seen most of the films at Epcot - China, Canada, France, etc.

Never been to Conservation Station (including the Wildlife Express) or ridden Primeval Whirl (RIP).

The only things I haven’t done at HS are new since last time I was there.

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I don’t think there’s anything in the 4 main parks I’ve never done except MMRR (last trip was in January)… my older niece and I have spent a few very low crowd trips doing everything, even the stuff we always just skipped because we figured it was boring or too baby.

Hoop Dee Doo is the only dinner show I’ve never done, and I’ve never done shark reef at Typhoon Lagoon or any speed slides at the water parks.

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Oh if we are including water parks I’ve not done any of those.

If you ever do Typhoon Lagoon and you can splurge then I’d recommend a cabana. Super useful, because you can keep your towels and non-valuables there, plus there’s a little safe and it’s nice to go back and have a cold drink waiting for you.


I don’t actually see myself ever going to the water parks.

nice suggestion!

I’ve never done ROTR and MMRR, but I’ve done every other ride, I believe.
I never did Stitch’s Great Escape.
And probably missed a bunch of “shows” at EP.

I’ve done everything at least once. Does anyone remember Discovery Island? I wonder if it was a precursor for AK?