What restaurant to add?

Getting our hopeful reservations in order before it’s time to actually make them and was hoping to get some suggestions. We’ve got the following on our list so far: Royal Table, Ohana’s (breakfast), Chef Mickey’s, Park Fare, Akerhus, and Be Our Guest (lunch if we can). We have room for one more table service. We are trying to do as many character dinners as we can. What would be your suggestion?

My DW and I loved CRT. The downside is that it takes up two credits. The food was good, although not plentiful. (This was actually a nice break, though, because we had been stuffing ourselves for several days in a row.) The atmosphere was really cool.

We also did breakfast at CP. The food was excellent there. I would definitely go back there.

Tusker House?

I would echo the two other suggestions in Tusker House and Crystal Palace (the latter especially if you can get a pre-RD breakfast for empty park photos).

I’d also add Mama Melroses for a fantasmic package if you’re likely to go to fantasmic. The seating was great when we went.

What is CRT?

Fantasmic is a show, correct? So we could watch the show while eating at Mama Melroses?

We aren’t huge breakfast eaters and we’re using the dining plan, so I don’t want to add more than the one breakfast at Ohanas.

Tusker House is our favorite character meal. The other choices in AK for dining make it look even better.

CRT is Cinderellas Royal Table. Fantasmic is a nighttime show but you won’t watch it during your meal. By buying the dinner package you are basically reserving a seat at the show.

Mickey’s BBQ?

Tusker House for character dining without a doubt. I would choose that over Chef Mickey’s any day if I had to make a choice.

Garden Grill