What program would you use to do a trip report that includes pictures

Hi all, I’m having isses on what the best way to do the trip report with lots of pictures. Any help would be appreciated as we have 10 days to report with a lot of dining. I tried in word and well that takes awhile to get it in, and then forget about the pictures, that takes forever. I’m the one with the trip report from 12/17 to 12/27 that included a proposal at Jiko and many signature dining locations.

When I have done them in the past I just make a new thread here and write it, adding the pictures as I go. I write it on the computer, not my phone. Easy peasy.

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Thank you but I wish it was that easy for me. I am doing this on my computer due to the number of pictures that we have, it takes a long time to upload each picture for some reason. I remember reading something about a program and then importing that file to here.

I am not sure about a program, but hopefully someone will read this and be able to help. Good luck!

I haven’t heard about importing files into a post here. You can upload photos and add links, but I don’t think it allows you to import other types of files. I could be wrong!

If you have a personal blog, you could just post a link to it here. I use TypePad, and the photo upload is quite speedy.

Alternatively, you could convert your photos to a lower resolution file size. Maybe they are taking a long time to upload here because they’re huge files.

That’s all I can think of. Good luck!

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Thank you all, I will have to look at lowering the resolution as I do believe that is what the big issue is.

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