What percentage of people use plans?

This is a question that I've been thinking about, and maybe Len monitors the board.

on any given day, what percentage of people in the parks are using
a: any plans at all
b: touringplans plans

and is there a tipping point at which so many people are using plans that they are no longer effective?

inquiring minds want to know!

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I know it's a very small percentage, but I don't know the exact #. Something like 1-2% maybe. @Lentesta ??

Less than 1% of any day's attendance has been exposed to the plans http://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/touring-plans/how-to-use

@MDU - I saw what you did...

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I tagged Domestique and Wanna Be Domestique shows up. Do you guys use the same Bat Signal?

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No, I'm more like Incredi-Boy, tagging along unwanted and causing problems. wink


Interesting. TP knows this. They talked about this on WDW Today some time ago but can't remember the details just the gist. It's some low number.

Thinking that if every park goer was a Liner, it would prob be ideal. Ha, not only for TP's bottom like but also for us. In an ideal World (I'm guessing), TP would know exactly how many people are in the park (their crowd cals and therefore forecasts would be spot on) and where they'd like to visit (via their plans) and people would within reason follow those plans. Obviously this will NEVER happen. But, in theory, this would allow for extremely efficient plans. Again, just guessing.

Anyway, my understanding is that the number of people using TP really doesn't matter. Our plans react to crowd conditions and optimize accordingly. At least that's my understanding. @Lentesta has heard this question before I know.

We think something like 2% of the people in any park have seen the info in either the Unofficial Guide or TouringPlans.com. (we missed updating that page, @brklinck).

As for whether the touring plans will become less effective when more people use them, we have processes to ensure the touring plan advice automatically adjusts for higher volume of use. It requires remembering who we've sent where, and updating the wait times at those attractions accordingly. Everyone that optimizes a plan after that, the Optimizer uses the slightly higher wait times and makes decisions accordingly.

Doing it that way, the Optimizer spreads people out pretty evenly around the park.



If there were a TP t-shirt made available for cheap/free that said something like 'save time in lines by subscribing to TP', I'd happily wear it in the parks and elsewhere. Just sayin'. wink

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I'll see what we can do. Our price for the shirts - what we pay for them - is around $20 - they're high-quality, super soft American Apparel. I love them.

I did get my new button today! Just sayin'


Our buttons and stickers are all set for this weekend!


How about vinyl decals? So I could put one on my phone case and trip folder when I go to the parks!

We have stickers. I think @weasus has a bunch (if not weasus, let me know and I'll mail them to you).

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This is my stash--I've got a couple of each http://imgur.com/Bb4ab77 and I can mail them free of charge @loveslsu and @Lentesta

Dang, @Lentesta has thought of everything.

If you put them up on amazon, I'll gladly buy one or two.