What parks should we visit? And time to get to the airport?

I’m about to figure out my ADR this weekend for our short trip after our Disney cruise. We will be driving from Miami to DW the day we disembark. So I’m planning to come up with a fun dinner that day since I’m not sure how early we will really arrive and pool time.

Then we will have 2 days at the parks (more like 1.5 days)

We will have a car and hoping to get the flight we want (if prices come down) leaving from MCO at 5:36 pm, I’m thinking this means I need to be leaving MK (out of the gates going towards the car) by 2:30 pm.

My boys will be 6 and 8 at the time. They LOVE characters, are both over 48 inches tall (like rollercoasters but nothing scary).

We will be there the Saturday and Sunday the week after Easter.

I definitely want to do MK (and we are thinking Sunday and getting there at rope drop) but I’m not sure what to do the other day. I don’t think they will really enjoy Epcot. I’m concerned that HS might not have enough stuff right now with the building Toy Story and Star area lands not complete. Last time we went to AK they were pretty young so their height was an issue.

These are the crowd levels posted for those two days and it looks like AK will have EMMH on 4/7

                             MK                 E               HS              AK

Saturday 4/7 9 7 7 7
Sunday 4/8 6 5 4 5

I feel the need to lock down what park when before I book my ADRs. I was also playing with the idea if we did AK maybe do Tusker House breakfast.

Any and all help appreciated! I feel all over the place even though I’ve been reading books, blogs and posts for months!

If they love Star Wars then DHS is a no-brainer IMO. They could do Jedi Training, see the March of the First Order (try and see it from the crossroads so they can see the interaction with the public, it could even be them) and “A Galaxy Far far Away”, the launchbay and the evening Star Wars projection show. Add in Star Tours, maybe the Indy show, TSMM and they’d love it.

Now if you went in the summer and have done all that very recently, that might change things. But even without the new Star Wars land, there’s still enough excitement there for a Star Wars fan.

We haven’t been in a few years (last trip was to Disneyland). I’m now thinking maybe the character breakfast at HS. Good thing I have a few more days to figure it out before I can book my ADRs.

They might be a bit old for the character breakfast at HS, it’s Dis Jr characters.

At 6 & 8 and reading that they love characters, honestly I’d consider staying at MK since you really only have 1.5 days. This does depend on how soon you think you will be back, but if it’s going to be a year or more before another trip, and if you haven’t been in a while anyway, I think it’s pretty hard to do all of the areas in MK in just one day unless you really give yourself a fierce pace. If you do want to choose another park, I’d go with AK over HS at this stage of the game, but that’s just me. Good luck!

I would do 2 days at MK honestly… 5 hours doesn’t seem like enough time - assuming a 9am opening and walking out of the gates by 2 at the latest - have to get to car [30 minutes] drive to airport [30 minutes] return car [10 minutes] check baggage [15 minutes] get through security [30 minutes]. That’s already 2 hours worth of tasks to complete and I think my estimates are the best case scenario, so I would give yourself more time than you have planned to get to your flight.

I think HS will have just enough to do for a half day and it’s a smaller park so easier to get around. We allocated an afternoon and early evening and did everything we wanted including an ADR. And there’s a whole area with Star Wars characters to meet. Or spend a day and a half at MK which has so much and takes a while to get around. That will probably be less of a rush for you which helps everyone have a better time.