What Park, Which Day?

I would be interested in knowing what parks are better to reserve on which days (or does it make a difference?).

For example, we are going at the end of August over a weekend and some weekdays. As such, would it be better to reserve Hollywood Studios on a weekday (assuming less AP traffic?). What parks would be best for the weekends?

Would welcome any insight.

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Probably not a lot of difference, but it is true that there will be fewer AP holders on weekends. I don’t know if the difference will be noticeable, though.

Just checking…but do you mean “fewer AP holders on weekdays” instead of weekends?

I assumed the above, but perhaps there is a traffic pattern there I’m not aware of.

A couple things to keep in mind:

Epcot has Food & Wine going on, and that can often be busier (and drunker) on weekends.

Look at how your mornings follow nights, in terms of park hours. Do you want 8:00 am AK after the 11::00 pm EP closing?

ETA: Hmm, I don’t know where I got that EP 11:00 close. They’re not doing EMH now, and always close at 9:00 pm. Still, plan your lates and earlies.

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Yeah. Sorry. Meant fewer on weekdays.

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I would avoid both HS and Epcot on weekends because of locals and local Annual Passholders

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When I did my September reservations I could only choose 3 due to Off site & AP. So I chose our two HS days knowing those have the highest chance of becoming unavailable. AK for the third. As we use the days I’ll book the MK & EP days. (HS was Day 1 & Day 4.

I would definitely choose HS for a weekday. All parks will most likely have higher crowds on the weekend but HS the most sensitive to crowd size due to small size and proportion of headliners. You want to take every step possible to increase your chances of getting a boarding pass for RotR and riding all the headliners there.