What park to go to twice?

We have a 5 day park pass the week of Thanksgiving. We were going to de ide once we got there which park we wanted to go to twice. Now I have to decide by Mon. With the new possible line systems, do you think we would be able to ride all the rides at HS? Do you think you will still have to get there crazy early to ride star wars? I can’t decide which park to do twice? I think my kids fave roses will be FOP and star wars…

I would go with MK. It’s the most classic park and there is so much to see and do.


We are there the next week and we are doing MK twice and skipping Epcot. Epcot had the least number of rides our son can ride and he could care less about the WS. It’s a waste of a ticket for us until after more of the construction is finished and things come back.

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If you can only do one park twice, then chose MK. I feel like I need two days for it.


I would choose either HS or AK to do twice. But we go to Disneyland often so MK is not as important to us.

MK has the most rides by far so I usually do two days there.

If lines are short you can easily do HS in a day - people were routinely doing that by snagging a RotR BG early in the morning then riding all the headliners while waiting for your BG to get called (even with no BGs this should work and may even be easier).

AK is big and awesome but can easily be completed in a day.

Epcot could take two days if you plan to do a lot of dining and want to watch the cultural films. But until Ratatouille and GotG open it doesn’t have a lot of heavy hitters.

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HS! It was a 2-day Park to me pre-TSL and SWGE.

Either HS or MK depending on your priorities. Which park has the rides that interest you the most? I’d think possibly MK if you have younger kids but HS if you have older kids or just adults.

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If you think Star Wars will be their favorite, I would do HS two times to make sure you get a chance for the Star Wars rides, especially if they are tweens or older. However, if it’s your first DW trip, I would consider MK because it’s the largest park.

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