What order to make dining reservations

Hello! My dining window opens Sunday! I’m getting anxious :joy: We are a group of 10 people going February 21-29. We have the dining plan. I’m wondering which ones are the hardest to get so I know which order I should try to reserve. I know BOG is the hardest but after that. Here is where we are wanting to go :
Day 1: 50s Prime Time Cafe dinner
Day 2: Be our Guest lunch
Skipper Canteen dinner
Day 3: Hoop De Doo
Day 4: Biergarten Dinner
Day 5: Tusker House brunch (around 1045)
. (will try to get ROL package?)
Day 6: Chef Art Smiths Homecoming Dinner
Day 7: Be our Guest breakfast
Liberty Tree Tavern Dinner

Thanks for your help!

IMHO - I will say a lot of these aren’t hard to get because they aren’t Character meals.

  1. BOG – Popular at both times, book first
  2. 50s Prime Time – Small restaurant / low capacity
  3. LTT - Popular + at MK which always increases difficulty in getting a reservation

This is when it gets easier

  1. Tusker - That time will make it easier. If you were doing PPO breakfast I would have moved this up to #2

  2. HDDR - Not hard to get but you get to pick your seating area, like a concert, so if you want to be near the stage book ASAP.

Then the rest can go in any order.

I’ve walked into Biergarten on the day of with no reservation or wait.
Chef Art - not super hard to get.
Skipper Canteen has great food, but people don’t even seem to know it exists.

Remember, if you can’t find a reservation time you want you can always use the Touring Plans Reservation Finder to assist you.

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Just an FYI, sometimes the ROL packages aren’t released right at 180 days.


@darkmite2 Thank you! You helped to calm my nerves by saying they shouldn’t be too hard (obviously besides BOG) I’LL do BOG first and follow your suggestions for the next ones! Thanks!

@kerrilux I do remember reading that somewhere! Thanks for the reminder! I’ll try and if not I’ll keep checking back!:blush:

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It may be smart to go ahead and make the ADR, then switch it later.


Thanks! That’s what I’ll do!

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