What order should I book these ADRs in?


My ADR day is coming round quickly, and at 180 I will be booking:
Pre RD Garden Grill
The Plaza dinner (is it taking ADRs now? I see mixed reports)
Sci Fi dinner
Boma late breakfast
Raglan Road dinner
Homecomin dinner
1900PF late breakfast
Teppan Edo dinner
Chefs de France lunch
Biergarten dinner.

These are in the order we will be eating there. I am thinking I need to get GG first because it’s our first day and pre RD, then Sci Fi. I would probably then just do them in date order.

Do you think that would be the right order? Most of these are new to us so I’m not sure how quickly they get booked up.

Thanks in advance!

I think you are right about the order. Raglan can be booked closer to your trip in Open Table if you need it. In October I was able to book Boma the night before. Sometimes during free dining it can be harder to book some restaurants. Good luck!


Thanks! It’s not until 3rd Feb but I thought I’d ask the question when I was thinking if it or I’d forget.

I check my numbers when I saw your post! My first night is 194- is that the same as yours?

193 I think. We check in on 2nd August.

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I will know I need to book when you get yours!

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I’d probably then do Raglan Road, then Homecomin’, and then the rest.
Homecomin’ was a bit of a challenge for my trip in Oct 2018. I had to keep tweaking this one to get the timing close. All that was available from 180 days was between 5-5:45pm.


That’s good to know, thanks! We haven’t been there before.

Probably the best fried chicken I’ve ever eaten. The shrimp and grits was good too. Great meal. Not far from the bus stop. Drinks are strong. :slight_smile:


Sounds perfect!

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I found the same when I booked for May only time I could get for Homecomin is 5.30pm not the end of the world but hoping to edge it back. I had no trouble with the rest including CG brunch and sci go for lunch as well as Bietgarten for which I’ve changed the date quite recently.
Hope all goes well


We want a late Homecomin as we’re at UOR that day. Maybe I should swap it with RR. I guess I’ll see what’s available.

I use the multiple browser windows method on my PC to make reservations on ADR day. Before 6:00am Eastern login to MDE, then open up multiple windows and set up an ADR selection in each window – you won’t be able to select the dates you want yet, as you are outside 180+10, but set everything else up. At 6:00am set the date that you want and click ‘Find a Table’ in each window so that you can get all your selections submitted right away. Then just keep scrolling through the windows as you move step by step through the process - this way you are pretty much doing them all at once rather than one reservation at a time.

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I tried that last time but it didn’t work out for me, when I went to the next tab it had logged me out, same with the third and when I had logged back in that time I just used that tab. I don’t know why it happened but I’m not risking it again given the horrendous issues with MDE.

I wasn’t on a pc though, I don’t have one. I was on my iPad.

There’s your problem - I’ve never has issues with this on a PC using the Chrome browser.

Hmm. I could try my work laptop but I fear my heavy handed touchpad use would lead to disaster. Plus I don’t think most of these are going to be tough to get anyway.

OK, I just made some test reservations, and the website no longer allows this. Stupid WDW web designers can’t keep browser windows as separate sessions. Going to have to re-think my strategy now…


Thanks for testing, I won’t even bother trying the laptop then.

For me only the app actually worked but luckily that worked fine.
Wishing you ADR success

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Thanks! I must have used the website last time to have to tabs open but I’ll be ready with both.