What not to miss

Hello folks

So, it’s our 4th visit to WDW so let’s assume I have a good grasp of best rides and ways of touring the parks.

But lets hear your ideas for our up and coming trip of what not to miss. The things you can easily miss on a busy schedule.

This vacation we are going to kick back a little and not be in a rush to do everything, so will have time to take in the less obvious attractions and experiences.

We will be at WL and booked all the resteraunts for our free dining plan, many recommended by you guys

Never had a dole whip; answered the phone in the shop on Main Street with the crossed line; watched a film under the stars; seen the Liberty singers; talked to a dustbin; goofy golf (if there is one); cocktails; visited grand Floridian, those sort of things

Looking forward to some of your ideas :grinning:

This will be our third trip in December. We are definitely going to do movie under the stars and relax at the resort more. Also would like to have a drink at Trader’s Sam as well as at the GF. Also going to try pirate’s cruise with DD 7 and DS 6. Have a wonderrful time,


sadly, PUSH is no more…

When you’re ready to just unwind and take a pause, I love the gardens around EPCOT (Japan, UK, China to name a few).

in MK, try to catch the Dapper Dans and/or the Casey’s piano player.


Great ideas keep them coming😀 never caught dapper dans or caseys piano player

And have read loads about trader sams might try that later one night to avoid the crowds

My kids love the water parade. I’m not sure what your ages are or if you’ll have a car but I loved Yeehaw Bob at POR. It took us a few trips to discover Club Cool at EP. We did Pick a Pearl for the first time at EP last trip and enjoyed that. My boys love mini golf and arcades. We’ve done Hidden Mickeys in the past. That helps slow you down and helps you notice details. The dance party in MK is fun too. The Surrey bikes are fun. One of the many things I love about Disney is that you can always find something new to try. I hope you have a great trip.


I love the idea of getting a pearl and we are always excited about hidden mickeys

As for our age, it’s not an issue. We are both 50 and going on 5/6 Disney keeps us young😀

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Since you’re at WL and you mentioned movie under the stars I’d take that a step further and take the boat over to Ft. W and go to Chip and Dale’s Sing A Long campfire. They sell smores kits to enjoy and Chip and Dale come and play for awhile and do a few songs and then they play a movie. I’ve always seen glowing reviews about how much fun it is. And it’s free to attend.


This is great. That’s the one thing we are always bashful about and thats meet and greets. We feel that it should be for the children and are always jealous when you see people with great pictures of them with the characters. This might be a way of not feeling out of place.:blush:

In two years time we may be borrowing my nieces, of course to experience Disney, but also so we can get to do the things we have always wanted but been a little embarresed been a couple of mid agers!

Do the Behind the Seeds tour at Living with the Land at EP. Also, do the WL tour - it’s free!


I have often thought about the tours, I love the idea. I expect it will be to late to book one now? Apart for the fee WL one

I totally get what your saying. We went last November (Just two 30 somethings) and really had no intention of doing meet and greets. We’d gotten an A&E fast pass just to say we did it since that was the hard one to get, but we ended up doing a ton of them. We collected autographs for our god daughter and she loved it. I think it was her favorite souvenir. Not one of them was awkward or weird it was actually a lot of fun and we got lots of great pictures. Don’t let yourself miss out just because you think it might be weird… trust me it’s not! And Chip and Dale were our favorites. They are always mischievous and like to play jokes while your taking your picture with them.

As for the tours you’ve got time to get in on them still. There are tons of different ones. Last time we did the Keys to the Kingdom Tour and if you are at all interested in the history and inner workings of the Magic Kingdom I can highly recommend it. I also see a lot of good reviews for the Steam Trains Tour and Wild Africa Trek for the more adventurous souls.

Behind the Seeds at Epcot rarely sells out. It’s only about an hour long but you get to walk through the greenhouses that you pass through during Living with the Land and usually there is a tasting of something grown right there. It’s very reasonable at $20.

Here’s a listing of the tours available and remember that if you book with a Disney Visa you get 15-20% off each one.



Again you have been really helpful

I just followed the link and I think we will try the keys of the kingdom, why not!
Looks great.

Also just discovered the fantasia and the blizzard beach themed golf. Not sure which is best.

And taking your advise we may use our nieces as an excuse for the autographs, you made it sound fun😊

Thank you with your help on all the posts. If you think of anything else let us know

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Awesome. It’s really a great tour. The guides are a lot of fun and you get to find out so many fun secrets. Plus lunch at CHH is included along with a couple of rides.

I haven’t done the mini golf myself. If you booked your trip as a package you get two free rounds though.

Not strictly Disney, but in downtown

Has anyone been to see la nouba. Is it worth the ticket price. I have been to cirque de soleil in London, but was lucky enough to have that paid for by a friend. It was a great show

Keep the not to be missed ideas coming, I’m really excited to try a lot of your ideas. A strong chance we won’t be leaving the Disney bubble. Although we had planned to go to nasa and to visit the Tiffany museum again as that was a great side trip. Also visited the bok tower.

Hope to do the slide parks too, in WDW of course.

Which hotels are worth a look? Before our stays were at port Orleans French quarter. Have visited boardwalk and will be back there for a meal at yacht club

Oh and also one meal at animal kingdom lodge after a day at animal kingdom

Cirque at wdw is one their best rates shows. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a negative review. When I worked in DTD we could get half priced tickets on same day shows but it was almost always sold out.

Grand Floridian is with a look. Maybe take your wife to afternoon tea or a spa treatment for her. Also poly might be a good idea. Trader Sam’s just opened and is already a favorite place for drinks.