What NOT to do while at WDW

I’m sure the idiot shouted “It’s just a prank!” when he realized he was in trouble. Some of these idiots honestly believe saying “It’s just a prank” makes illegal behavior okay. I’m surprised none of those clowns that were trespassing on peoples properties a few years ago were shot. End old man rant.


This kind of thing has terrible unintended consequences. Aside from the “in the moment” panic that could lead to injury, it also desensitizes people to a situation where there might ACTUALLY be an active shooter.

I don’t use the word lightly, but this is the epitome of being an “idiot”.

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What a dummy, doesn’t he understand that you can’t put a beer in your backpack, run around like a idiot and still expect it to be ready to drink. :crying_cat_face: