What new rides or attractions are missing from touring plan options?

I went to WDW last year and used custom touring plans. We are going again this summer and I started making touring plans for our trip this summer.

For those of us who are going to WDW in June/July 2019, what’s missing from the list of options?

So far I have discovered the following:

  • Meet an out of this world friend in tomorrowland (Magic Kingdom)
  • Meet characters from Aladdin (Magic Kingdom)
  • Meet Merida (Magic Kingdom)
  • Meet Peter Pan (Magic Kingdom)
  • Many other characters you can meet in other parks

I know you can add a break for these character meet and greets in your touring plan, but it’s really annoying that they are not included on the list of attractions and entertainment when you’re creating a touring plan! So far I’ve had to spend a lot of time comparing the list of entertainment on the WDW site, to make sure I’m not missing anything. It might not seem like a big deal, but for those of us with small kids, adding in an unexpected character meet and greet can throw off an entire touring plan when you’re at WDW!

Even if touring plans does not track wait times for these less popular character meet and greets, having them included on the list of options for a plan would be appreciated. Maybe average/mean wait times for some other less popular character meet and greets could be used for these ones. That’s my suggestion for a future touring plan upgrade.


One of the problems here is that some of these characters don’t meet at specific times. The daily time sheet may show windows in which the character may appear, but some like Mary Poppins meet at different locations and aren’t even listed on the daily sheet. Others aren’t guaranteed to be there every day, and may be fairly spontaneous.

If there is no advance schedule, or even a confirmed meet and greet, it would be difficult to give any reliable wait time info. And if they were included as an option but they then didn’t appear that day, people will be annoyed.

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If you’re mainly concerned about the meet and greets, I could subscribe to Kenny the Pirate, then cross reference the characters you want to plan on with your TP. That might save you some figuring. I don’t know how early Kenny has his information, but if you’re still a long way out I would just build in a buffer until you have more details.

If you see regular attractions that are missing, I would email the powers that be here at TP.

The one big character thing I noticed was missing was Joy & Sadness and Baymax at EPCOT. But the Mickey / Minnie characters are located right nearby, so I just used that instead in my plan.

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