What needs fixin'?

This post on wdwnt.com made me think.

So, it seems Disney has had to fix a bunch of broken elements as of late, such as PeopleMover, Brer rabbit, Jose Carioca, etc. This seems to be a good time to do it. Things have been “let go” for a while at Disney, and it would be nice to see everything running in its full glory again. I can only guess that in lieu of some of the larger expenses they had to cut, it is allowing them to focus on these smaller projects that have been ignored for too long.

What do you think needs fixing up around Disney? Don’t mention Disco Yeti. (Oh, wait. I just did!) But I’m curious about things you may have noticed in the parks that hasn’t been operating as it once did that you think Disney should address. They don’t have to be rides, specifically.

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I don’t know what needs fixing because I haven’t been since January which was 800 years ago by now.


Exactly. That’s why I said don’t mention it (even though I did).

Now…I don’t know if this is an issue now. But back in 2016, I was bothered by the fact that one of the caves (the escape tunnel?) was closed off on TSI. Plus, the trees had grown up so much over the fort’s windows, that when you would want to man the guns, you really couldn’t see anything to take aim on. We didn’t get a chance to go to the island this trip. Wondering if those things have been addressed since then.

Small one, but I was surprised to see the angler fish on Seas with Nemo finally working again. That thing has been broken as long as I can remember!

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IMHO - The film / projector at Philharmagic. It was rumored that when DLR got the show they made a 4K version for WDW / 50th. However, with the COVID budget cuts I don’t see it happening and we’ll be stuck with this “fuzzy / grainy” movie.

YES! I really love this little show and wish it would be fixed to have the clear images that I know they can do now.

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Agreed. I can’t watch Philharmagic without feeling cross-eyed and seeing double the entire time. Not enjoyable.

This may be breaking the rules a bit, since nothing is technically broken…but I’d like to see them update some scenes in Jungle Cruise. Not an entire retheme, but I think some smaller refreshes to a scene or two would bring it to back to modern standards and give an opportunity to include some new jokes.

Oh and I’d add the Pterodactyl in Dinosaur that used to swoop down a bit and always made me duck. That one I believe has been off for a while though.

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Last time we were on TSI (a year ago) the section with the fort was closed, due to some kind of storm damage maybe? When we were in line for HM recently DS11 thought he saw staff going to that part so was excited that they might be fixing it up or that it is open again. We didn’t make it to TSI this trip though. Anyone know?

I felt like the Storybook Circus area in general needs some love. Perhaps because most things were closed, it just felt very sad. And Dumbo is showing many signs of wear - rips in the material that covers the mechanism on each arm, dull finish from too much sun, etc. Everything at Disney should look shiny and new! And the Barnstormer … could we re-theme that? Seriously, Gadget’s Go Coaster is so cute - it can be done!

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Surprising there, since it was a new Dumbo when they finished the New Fantasyland! We didn’t head over there, so I didn’t see it myself.

The original Barnstormer “set” was nicer. But it got overly simplified to make space for the changes for New Fantasyland. It was much better when you actually, you know, flew through a barn!

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That would definitely help!