What movie should I watch?


Pick a movie. First answer wins. Ideally something I haven’t watched 10 times this week already, so i reserve veto rights.

I’m ready

I rewatched Hulk last night. The Edward Norton one. I think it’s underrated.

Plan to rewatch Iron Man 3 tonight.

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Is that on Disney+ now?

Isn’t it? My bad.
We watched it. May have been Prime.

Was coming back to suggest Hobbes and Shaw - but clearly not Disney.

Carry On.

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America’s Funniest Home Videos. Because Disney+ is recommending it for you. :wink:

Are you watching this alone? With kids?

If with kids, maybe Mary Poppins Returns?

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Is it included with Prime? I’ll watch it there if it is. My son and I skipped that in our Marvel watch.

We are watching lion king right now.


Original or new one?

Will the kids need to have seen the original?

I didn’t know there was more than one. I think it is the original. DD4 turned it on from Disney+ while I was making breakfast so I didn’t see what she clicked on. What did they change?

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My kids (2 and 4) thought mary Poppins returns was boring so it only lasted 20 mins in our house.

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Animated or computed generated?

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Original is animated. The new one is “live action”

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Mary Poppins Returns isn’t on Disney+ yet. Going with this:

I estimate I’ll watch 20 minutes before my son returns from breakfast and demands Star Wars Rebels.


I will gladly take more suggestions for what to watch next. Family friendly ideally.

Togo! Perfect for the family. Adults and kids will love it. And particularly interesting given the times we are in.


Ah. I thought maybe there was a revised animated one I didn’t know about.

We are watching the original.

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Took a while because my son demanded sustenance. As is tradition whenever i get comfortable.


Sounds like a winner for next! I’ll probably wait till the 3 year old takes a nap. The big kids should like it.

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Sorry. I did not realize it was for the family.
Have you guys watched Pollyanna? The cat from outer space? The absent-minded professor? The love bug? that darn cat?

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